“Bad Girl of the Month” Interview With Model/ Radio Personality Nini B

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“Bad Girl of the Month” Interview With Model/ Radio Personality Nini B



– Interviewed by Tommy Gunz (@DJTommyGunzNJ)

Showcasing talented females doing their thing in the industry, each month the GoodFellaz pick the “Bad Girl of the Month”. Featuring Models, TV/ Radio Personalities, Actresses & Female Entrepreneurs, the “Bad Girl of the Month” is a combination of Beauty, Brains & Hustle.

This month’s “Bad Girl of the Month” is the smokin’ hot Nini B. Raised in Philadelphia, the super-sexy latina is a woman of many talents: she is a Model, Radio Personality & Dancer, and Actress. Recently GoodFellaz TV’s own Tommy Gunz got a chance to sit down with Nini B, where we talked about everything: Growing up in Philly, Dancing, Radio, her worst date ever, her Turn-on’s, and more. Check out her exclusive interview below, only on GoodFellaz TV.


Q: Well first things first Nini, you are definitely hot. What’s your nationality?

A: Aww thanks so much! I’m Puerto Rican. I’m always asked “what am I?”; I usually let them guess or assume what they want. I get everything from black-and-white to Brazilian. I rarely correct them. If I do, I just say “human” and smile.

Q: (Laughs). That’s a good answer. So where are you from?

A: Let the record show, I survived the ‘215 Badlandz’ of North Philly. You know the mentality for doing that is so Drake “Started from the bottom now we’re here”, with you doing this interview (laughs).

Q: Thats wassup! Well you’re buzzin’ in the streets right now, tell us about all the things you got going on?

A: I know it’s exciting to go some places relative to your work, and before you go to introduce yourself and explain your position, they already know who you are, and accept it or appreciate it. I travel with a few planners (‘organized freak?’, Yes!) that help keep order of my somewhat crazy schedule. First I’m always busy working on me, the brand. I am Nini B. I am ‘art in human form’. I eat, breathe, sleep all things artistic. I post and blog fashion on my secondary Instagram page @Ninis_Closet_Trends (or tagged #NinisFavoriteThings) and my website www.NinisCloset.com.

My first love is dance. I did a few mini-tours, I was a background dancer for a few artists. But it’s not enough for me to just take classes and do routines. I lost and found myself on the dance-floor. Now I want to pay it forward, so currently I am renovating my new space which will soon become my dance studio. My romance with photography goes hand-in-hand with modeling and acting. I take jobs because I love the characters I can become. When you model, you are telling a story without words. The way we are photographed helps entice people to buy whatever it is you have to sell with just a look or still moment. When you act, you get to breathe life into a character invisible to the world. I like to step outside of myself and become someone else for a second sometimes. It can be very therapeutic.

I will be in a couple of web-series in the near-future, so look out for me. I’m also a radio personality and host for a syndicated radio show in New Jersey (although many of our supporters have the app to tune in, listen, and call in from all over the country.) Of course, I do the industry (entertainment business) news and everything pop-culture and trending. I usually am the person that has to play ‘devil’s advocate’ (wink). I guess that stems from “being art”. I just have to make people see things from a different perspective.

1095095_221064524709724_1883406616_nQ: That’s dope! How did you get involved with Modeling?

A: When I was in grade school, I was watching a show one day and told my mom I wanted to do what the girl on television did. My mom, being the researcher and go-getter that she’s been her whole life, had companies like Ford, Cunningham, and Wilhelmina wanting me. I was walking runways; I had doll-makers making ‘my size’ dolls of me. I was coming out in movies,  clothing circulars, school text-books, dancing, and so much more before I was even in high school. After a while I took a break to take care of my family, and now I’m back; acting like I have something to prove.

Q: Niiiice! You’re doing the Radio thing now, how did you get into that? Tell us more about your Radio Show.

A: Well I had been on a few shows at various stations as a guest co-host, but nothing ever had my name on it until now. I got into this show I’m on now because my co-host East Boogie and I respect and support each other. She and the show’s owner (DJ Angie T) had a talk about bringing on a new personality to the show. And East Boogie thought I would be a good fit.

We all met up, broke bread, had a few good laughs, revealed ourselves, and toasted to a good time; and since then I’ve been on the show every week on Sundays. I give my opinions on the topics, inform the listeners of the latest industry news, talk to the callers, interview any of my guests, and yes sometimes (translation: all the time…lol), I do dance around the station. What, is that too much?? (laughs hysterically). I can’t help that we play good music and dance is part of my ‘soul’.


Q: I ain’t mad at that. So what’s Your Sign?

A: “I said a Sag. I’m a star! Sherif badge” as Nicki Minaj would say (laughs). Sorry, I had to. It was so fitting. I’m a Sagittarius. It was written in the stars. I was born to entertain like all the greats that are also Sags. I do believe that. I don’t know any Sagittarius that isn’t in some way longing to be in entertainment. It’s where we shine most. We are creative people. A little strange to some. We are half man, half beast, the archer; we always have our eyes on a target. My target is success in the entertainment industry.


Q: So what are some of your “Turn-On’s”?

A: I don’t blush easily but sheesh (blushes). Uh, I have to say a ‘chivalrous flirt’. I love the gentleman-like qualities; open-doors when I’m coming to the table or leaving it, the man walks on the ‘street-side’; walk me to the door, open doors, let me walk in first, keep your eyes on me when we talk, and smile a lot. Your eyes and smile flirt the best and I love a good flirt (winks). It’s sexy and romantic, and a sure way to keep me wanting to know more about you.

Then there’s this thing with scents that I have (covers face with hands). Don’t judge me for what I’m about to say, because in my head it makes total sense, I just haven’t learned how to explain it properly, but…. I hate the smell of people, so you MUST wear some smell goods. Lotion, cologne, or something. That is a total deal-breaker. I like ’em well-polished and dressed appropriately from head-to-toe, just as you would want me to be. If you aren’t put together correctly, then it won’t even get to the first date. I just won’t be attracted otherwise. Then of course the main turn on is the personality. I love confidence, but you must also be humble. Be funny but don’t just make jokes at somebody’s expense. I need the cool, laid-back-but-assertive type to balance me out.

972309_587584927951997_230940993_nQ: Ok, so what are some of your “Turn-Off’s?

A: OMG, where do we begin (laughs)! I can’t stand someone who always has the ‘water-works’ on. The ‘poor me’ act drives me nuts. If you are the ‘settling-for-what-is-given-to-you’ and ‘not-striving-for-what-you-deserve’ type, then I’m just not gonna be feeling whatever you are. If you can’t have an intelligent conversation, you aren’t  someone I want.

I grew up having full-out debates on subjects like life-purpose, education, science, religion, and politics. I have run my election district under my judge for a few years now. I’m going to be on the ballot to take over for Judge-of-Elections in the next primary. I’m turned off if you can’t keep up with me (winks).

Oh I got another ‘turn-off’ (waving hands). And of course you can’t forget the people that wear white socks and black sneakers or black sneaker and white socks (laughs). It’s true though, that would keep my attention like a shiny object in a dark room.

555014_10152423157048912_1595063792_nQ: Who inspired you to get into the game?

A: My mother always believed that I could make it. When I told her as a child that I wanted to be on television, it was just confirmation. I’ve always been a ‘spotlight-junkie’, if you allowed her to tell you stories (laughs).

Q: How important is the internet and social media in your line of work?

A: Social media and the Internet are very much key components to my dreams becoming reality. I can promote, show, and tell, what I’m capable of by just a click of a ‘send button’ and reach masses of people. I’m easily reachable via social media; I have a Facebook, a couple Instagram accounts, Twitter, AB’s World, blogs, a couple of YouTube accounts, and websites. You can’t become someone in the limelight if you aren’t showcasing yourself.

I’m always putting myself on display because that’s where I really feel I belong. Without someone watching, commenting, liking, sharing, I would just be another body in society. I want to stand out. That’s never been me. I don’t conform easily. I’m not naive to this world. I know for what I want to be I NEED people. I would never post something saying “I don’t need no one else but myself.” That’s not reality for me. I don’t like to burn bridges or become a stranger with people because I know I need them. Maybe for a lesson to learn that takes me to the next level in life or my career, or maybe they are the link to my future success. I know that one person can be the person that really puts me on the map. Social media is my best bet to reach that person, meet that person, work with that person, and make history with that person.

1001011_214474182035425_922210469_nQ: So not only are you a true female hustla, you’re also smokin’ hot. The fellaz across the world want to know, Single or Taken?

A: Excuse me if I try to get out of this question (laughs)! Sooooo to properly answer this question, I’m going to say this…. I’m not married. (laughs). Ok ok I will tell you why I answer like that. See, relationships get tricky. I can say I’m single and tomorrow my boo- thang that I’ve been dating and I become and item, then the interview gets out and we are back-and-forth on why I said I was single, when clearly 2 seconds ago we got into a ‘titled relationship’. Or on that flip-side, I could say “sorry honey bunnies but I’m off the market”, and as soon as I get to checking my texts after this interview I read that I’ve been dumped by the boo who’s been seeing their ‘best friend’ for the last month. So I rather play it safe and say I’m not married (laughs)!

Q: Do you find it hard to be in a relationship in your line of work?

A: No. It’s not hard for me to be in a relationship in my line of work. Work is work and love is love. Work pays me and love costs me (smiles). Just kidding, sort of (laughs). But it does take a secure person to be with me; but I think if the foundation is built right then they won’t ever worry if our love is true.

315788_271118792899933_5480396_nQ: Speaking of dating, what the worst first date you ever been on?

A: I’ve had some “what the heck is going on here? Where are the hidden cameras?” type of dates, but my least romantic and most memorable was with this pervert. So I was ‘hooked-up’ by my friend with this guy. We originally planned a nice dinner-and-a-movie date. So anyway, he comes to pick me up, I got in the car, and almost immediately he put his hand on the upper-part of my thigh (rolls eyes). Ughhhh, I don’t like to be touched unless I’m ready to ‘be touched’ (wink). So I nicely made a joke so he would get the idea to keep his hands to himself. I’m not big on touching unless I want to be touched. My slight OCD and phobia of germs will not allow me to find that appealing. Then they completely disregarded my statement, or just didn’t understand, because he then began to ‘massage’ the back of my neck, and invaded my head of curls telling me I had ‘pretty hair’, and that he had a fantasy about women with curly hair (Gagging). I was disgusted. But what’s sad is, I do believe he was just trying to express how into me he was, and how attracted he was to me. Maybe (sighs).

So as soon as we got to the movie-theater, I sent my best friend a ‘save me’ text. Meanwhile me and ‘my date’ (rolls eyes) went inside and I waited for the message saying she had arrived.  Meanwhile we’re in the theater watching the previews, and he tried to do the ‘yawn-and-put-his-arm-around-me’ move- yes that lame old trick (rolls eyes). So I jumped and said “oh no, don’t do that my neck rash will get on your arm” (laughs). Seriously I said that. I just was completely over him touching me. His arm dropped so quick, but even then he didn’t call it a night, and my best friend was still en-route, so after the previews I had to listen to him talk about why his ex-girlfriend left him, and how he hoped ‘intimacy’ with me in the future would be just as good (gagging). Yes gross, I know (laughs). Finally my best-friend texted me that she had arrived, so I excused myself to the bathroom and shot out the doors into my friends’ getaway car. The whole ride to my car I just told her repeatedly she is no longer allowed to fix me up on any more ‘blind dates’. I would rather be alone than with a real-life inappropriate pervert. All my first dates have been bad. Every time it was labeled a ‘date’, it was just a mess (laughs).



Q:Wow, what a story, SMH. So what advice do you have for aspiring models trying to get in the game?

A: Aspiring models should always think ‘outside-the-box’, and never think that you are above any job that comes your way. That little gig with that photographer or designer you never heard of, could be the job that everyone you want to work with next will see, or the lesson you need to learn about your craft. This industry is small. Know what you’re capable of and keep pushing for what you deserve. And I will see you on the race to the top (fist pumps).

Q: Ok, so music-wise, who are you feeling right now? Are You a Hip-Hop fan?

A: I truly love music. All genres, yes including hip hop. My recently-played stations on Pandora are: Drake, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lorde, Nas, Melanie Martinez, La India, Audioslave, Meshell Ndegeocello, Jay-Z, John Legend, Nirvana, Lana Del Rey, and The Cast of Nashville to name a few. Music is why I got into dance and radio.

Q: Of course. So what’s the best part about your job?

A: The best part of modeling is being able to see if a photographer can really capture my emotion and the product in one. The best part about Acting is becoming someone else and I love that. I get to break out my shell. Dance is all about story-telling for me, and I’m rarely at a lost for words; this way I won’t talk your ear off, but I will still make you hear me out. I live for that. Radio is about entertaining and I absolutely love to put on a show (winks).


Q: What’s the worst part about your job?

A: The things I struggle with is how time-consuming it is to do things in this field. My relationships with people suffer. Sometimes I feel very disconnected with life according to the people I grew up with, or are surrounded by, have going on. The worst thing about this career choice is knowing the struggle is solely mine to bear. No one can just give it to me, I have to strive for it myself.

Q: So are you a Party-chick or a Homebody?

A: I am a homebody. I only like to go out if its for a purpose. Like a friend’s bday, a bachelorette party, a release, ‘fashion week’, ‘industry night’, etc. I have a nice home. I like to enjoy it.

Q: So what makes Nini feel extra-sexy??

A: I feel most sexy with manicured nails and toes, my hair done, and high heels. I think you always look sexy when your hair is nice and your feet and fingers are polished. The pumps personally makes me walk with some ‘pep in my step’ (winks).

Q: You know it’s football season? Are you into football?? Who’s your team?

A: Yes I do know it. I do watch football. It’s not my first choice of sport, but I won’t exactly be wishing that I was watching grass grow if I had to watch it (laughs). I love contact sports. Since I’m from Philly I’m supposed to say the Eagles. But between you-and-me, I’m not that big on them any more. But we can just leave it at that, the E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles!! Shhhh (laughs).

Tommy Gunz: Eagles?? (Shaking my head). Must be a Philly thing (laughs).

Nini B: You know it (fist pumps)!



Q: So being a fashionable chick, what’s NOT a good look for the ladies in 2013?

A: The only thing that’s not good in the 2013-2014 fashion year is exactly what hasn’t been ‘in’ since the beginning of time….. Dressing inappropriately for your age, size, and activity. If you’re in your 30’s, you and my teen nieces shouldn’t have the same items. A DD-bra-size but you have a top in your closet size-small is a no-go. Going golfing but you’re in stilettos? Something isn’t right (laughs). I think other than that, there are no rules in fashion. Well besides my white/black socks and black/white kicks thing of course (laughs). Fashion is all about self-expression. Get wild and creative. Do what you want and wear it any way you want. Then tag me on Instagram so I can check you out, like, comment, and repost it.

Q: The Best show on Television is ______ ?

A: “SCANDAL” (Claps hands)!!!! Olivia Pope! Oh man that show gets me hype! Then it’s “Pretty Little Liars” (Yes I said that. I’ve been watching and following it since the first season and I’m still unsure who ‘A’ really is), “The Fosters” is the most amazingly written shows I’ve watched in a long time. It gets to my heart. And “Girls” (that HBO series) is so bold and realistic that I’m hooked. I feel like I’m watching friends’ lives played out.



Q: Ok, so who is your celebrity Crush?

A: Michael Vartan is my current ‘man-crush’. He just seems like a really sweet person. Like he’s going to love you forever. Plus I love that ‘5-o’clock-shadow’ beard. And Michelle Rodriguez is definitely my ‘woman-crush’. She always looks so rough, tough, and dirty. Like she can man-handle anyone. But she’s beautiful at the same time!

Q: I hear that. So what are your other goals for the future?

A: Moving forward I just want to really take on projects that make a bigger impact, and catch the attention of many more people.

Q: Got any Shout-outs before we go?

Shout out to my supporters, family, friends, and loves…. I love and appreciate you all (blows kisses).



Q: Before we go, where can everybody check you out Online?

A: My personal site will be launching in late October. That will be announced in the next couple of weeks. My fashion site is www.NinisCloset.com. On the book its www.Facebook.com/1NiniTwitter and on Instagram @IamNiniB or #IamNiniB. My secondary Instagram account is @Ninis_closet_trends or #NinisFavoriteThings. My email is the best form of contact for me and it is Iam.NiniB@gmail.com.

Q: That’s wassup!! Any last words before we go?

A: Thanks so much for exploring my life, my drive, and craft by taking out the time to inquire about me as a whole. I appreciate you and this interview. Besos! Xo -Nini


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