“DJ of the Month” Interview With DJ Doughboy

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“DJ of the Month” Interview With DJ Doughboy

Each month the good folks at GoodFellaz TV showcase the hottest DJ’s from across the globe. This months “DJ of the Month” is DJ Doughboy, representing New Jersey. A legend in the DJ game for almost 2 decades, DJ Doughboy was Joe Buddens Tour DJ for several years, and had been called the “Tri-State Strip Club King” by many, due to his impressive roster of gigs at all of the hottest Strip Clubs in the area. Ya boy Tommy Gunz recently sat down with the legendary DJ Doughboy, check out our exclusive interview below.

Q: How long have you been a DJ for?

A: 20 years at least. I started as a little kid doing parties for my family, then graduated to College parties.

Q: How did you get in the game?

A: I was born into the DJ game. I started by jacking my dad’s record collection. I used to play records for my dad and his friends when they hung out at the house. I spun at my first house party when I was 8 years old, playing my dad’s disco records.

Q: How do you know if a record is a winner?

A: You feel it. My “spider-sense” starts tingling when I hear a hot record. And usually I’m right; I would say I’m right 8 out of 10 times. Usually I can tell from the first time I hear a song whether or not it is going to be a hit.

Q: You used to be Joe Budden’s tour DJ. How did you link up with Joey?

A: Joe Budden’s is family. I linked up with Joey through his brother Big Worm, who was his hype man at the time. One night Joe came to Cinderellas (Strip Club) and he approached me about being his DJ. I told him, “match what I make spinning at the strip club and we can do it”. From there it was on.

Q: You Rep New Jersey heavy! You’ve had a chance to DJ all across the country.  How are Jersey DJ’s different from other regions?

A: Parties in Jersey encompass everything. Jersey DJ’s can’t just get over playing strictly Hip Hop and  R&B; you got to touch all genres when you spin out here. You got to have Hip Hop, Club, House, Dance Hall, R&B, etc. It’s a different culture in NJ. In my opinion Jersey party-goers hold on to their ‘”Jersey culture” more than other regions, even New York.

A: How has technology affected the DJ game?

Q: Let me see, there’s definitely the good and the bad. The good impact is that it is much easier to access the music that you need as a DJ. Back in the days before mp3’s we had to pay more to get the newest music. It was way harder to find certain records on vinyl.  Technology also makes it easier for a DJ to build a buzz and expand their brand. The Bad is that now with Serrato and other DJ programs, it takes away the energy and spontaneity of DJ’ing, which is important. And a lot of these younger DJ’s out here don’t know how to organize and play their music properly.

Q: Being in the game for a minute, what’s your opinion on Serrato?? Is it a good or bad thing for the DJ game?

A:  At the end of the day, serrato is a good thing. Even though I don’t use serrato, I don’t knock it. I do knock the fact that it kind of messes up how we organize and search for music. When you change that, you change how DJ’s actual DJ. I think it definitely takes away the spontaneity that’s necessary to be a good DJ, that’s why I haven’t converted to serrato personally. In my opinion using serrato takes away the necessary cue time when you’re changing records. Also because it’s so easy to simply drag the mp3 of the song and play it, the DJ tends to get bored and they lose a lot of their energy, which affects the whole show. Me, my energy needs to stay up the whole time I’m spinning. I’m singing over the records, rapping, all of that.

Q: What’s the Best Part of your Job?

A: Best part is touching people, having people tell me that I made their day. I luv the crowd reaction. Knowing that the party-goers are feeling the excitement I feel when a new, hot record comes on.

Q: Worst part of the job?

A: Dealing with egos and personalities, and the “selfishness” of some party-goers. People don’t understand that this is a job. The DJ gets paid to play certain records at certain times. Most people don’t fully understand that concept. Sometimes certain party-goers think it’s a selfish experience, that only what they think is hot is hot or should be played.

Q: Explain what you mean about Egos?

A: Sometimes being a DJ you have to be mindful of what celebrities are in the building while you’re spinning. That’s what I mean by egos. You have remember who has a problem with who, who’s got beef. Sometimes you can’t play certain record, or too many records from an artist because another celebrity is in the building.

Q: What advice do you have for aspiring DJ’s trying to get in the game?

A: Master your craft. Study your music. Study the DJ’s. Even the Funkmaster Flex’s and Mr. Cee’s of the world studied the greats. Have an extensive musical knowledge. I’m a PROFESSIONAL DJ. I haven’t had a square job since 1992. Being a DJ is what I do. And to this day I still study everybody in the game.

Q: That’s Real talk. Any other advice?

A: Be humble. Nobody likes an arrogant cat who’s still TRYING to get on. Some of these DJ’s on the come-up think they’re rock starts now. Also Persistence and patience are key. Don’t expect to get what you want immediately. Rome wasn’t built in a day. In the entertainment industry, it’s all about the right time and the right amount of patience. Talent plus politics leads to somebody getting “put on”. So while you’re waiting for your moment, continue to the grind.

Q: Where can everybody catch you spinning?

A: I’m blessed to be booked pretty much every night. I’m in the strip clubs heavy, but I do clubs too. In the NJ & NY area my weekly schedule is usually: Fantasy’s, Jersey Girls, Sues Rendevous, Dolce’s Lounge, DollsHouse, and Liquid Assets, to name a few. I also do special events as well. I actually just got back from spinning for Lisa Raye in Puerto Rico. I’m working.

Q: Where can everybody follow you at online?

A: You can keep up with me on Twitter @jerseydoughboy. I’m on there daily, I just don’t do a lot of posting.

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