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Check out Make-up Artist, Fashion Journalist, Blogger & #GFTV contributor Jessica Marti for all your fashion needs. Plus find out more about Jessica, read her “Hot Chick of the Month” Interview with the GoodFellaz below.


Giving props to the HOTTEST Women from all across the world, GoodFellaz TV showcases these beautiful, talented, poppin’ ladies each week as our “Hot Chick of the Month”.

This weeks “Hot Chick of the Month” in New Jersey’s own Jessica Marti. The Dominican and Puerto Rican bomshell is a multi-talented female who wears many hats (literally…lol); she is a successful make-up artist, blogger, and motivational speaker, among other things.

Recently ya boy Tommy Gunz sat down with the super-sexy, super-talented Jessica Marti at a Starbucks-near-you, where we talked about everything: Make-up, Hats, Turn-On’s, and “beating-up faces”. Check out the interview below.

Q: Well first things first, Jessica your definitely hot. What’s your nationality?

A: Why thank you (smiles). Well I was born in the US, but I am 100% Caribbean; Dominican and Puerto Rican.

Tommy Gunz: That’s a dope mix right there.

Jessica: Yes it is !!!! 

Q: So your makeup company is buzzin’ on the streets right now. How did you get into the makeup game?

A: It sure is, I feel pretty blessed right now. I got my start in the game, “as cliché” as it may sound, as a little girl in her momma’s make-up kit! (laughs). I used to look at Janet Jackson album covers, set everything out in front of me, grab that makeup and get to work. I would replicate it exactly. As I got older I started contacting people doing free work for shoots, videos, fashion shows, etc. Eventually I finally ended up working the BET Rip the Runway fashion-show and for one of the mavens of the industry, M.A.C. Cosmetics.

Q: I’m a dude so I don’t understand anything about makeup (laughs). Can you describe what a professional makeup artist does?

A: A professional makeup artist doesn’t change a face, she plays up on the individuals best features. She’s an artist, she works with lighting, contouring and making this person shine. The face is the artists canvas literally and when the client looks in the mirror she shouldn’t say “Wow, I look so different”; she should say, “Wow, I look like I got my face beat!!!”. That means she’s looking DOPE by the way (laughs).

Tommy Gunz: Oh ok, I was about to say (laughs). That’s the “make-up” slang, huh?

Jessica: Yup (fist pumps)

Q: You have a very inspirational blog( that has a huge following on the web, tell us more about it?

A: The site is on tumblr, and it’s called Watch Me Blush. I update it consistently; it’s by a woman, for women. It’s where women can go to get pop cultivated and motivated. On there you can find anything new and happening in the fashion industry, music industry, art etc. It’s a place where you can keep up-to-date on our ever changing culture. I also love to empower women, it’s my passion.  Women sometimes look to increase self-esteem by focusing on their outer appearance; however I believe we need to strengthen our core. We need to do it everyday like showering; we have to shower everyday or else …right? (smiles)

Tommy Gunz: Yes we do!! (laughs)

Q: Okay, so what’s Your Sign?

A: I’m a crab, cancer baby!!!

Q: So what are some of your “Turn-On’s” regarding the opposite sex?

A: Turn-on’s, let me see (smiling). Definitely confidence, humor, and swag. A guy has to be able to hold a conversation, I like smart guys; he must like adventure and trying new things, and a guy should always have a thirst for life! That’s what I like.

Q: Ok, so what are some of your “Turn-Off’s?

A: Hmmmm, definitely insecure dudes, arrogance, selfishness, and a guy that a conservative square (laughs).

Q: I hear that. So back to the “beauty”, what female celeb’s “makeup game” is on point in your opinion?

A: Hmmmmm. To name just one is not fair, there are a few and credit has to be given to their artists. Jennifer Lopez for one, she is always “on trend” and her look is wearable for the mass public. Then there is Nicki (Minaj), she’s more to “the left” but on a more artistic level she’s “on trend” as well. The Kardashians’ own the “smokey- eye” look, but it’s not an “everyday look” like they wear is. Other ladies who are on point, definitely Zoe Saldana and Blake Lively.

Q: That’s what’s up! So not only are you a true female hustla, you’re also smokin’ hot Jess. The fellaz across the world want to know, Single or Taken? 

A: (smiles) Well Gunz, I am currently taken! It’s a crazy dating world out there, it’s a jungle out there literally (laughs)

Q: Damn, somebody beat us to it. (laughs). That’s good to hear though. Do you find it hard to be in a relationship in your line of work?

A: Honestly if your true to who you are, not at all. I’m comfortable in my skin so, and I can separate my personal and business life.

Q: Speaking of dating, what the worst first date you ever been on?

A: (laughs, covers eyes.) OMG !!! Well, I love shrimp, and one time I got taken to a seafood type of restaurant. Don’t ask me how or why, but out of nowhere I developed an allergic reaction to shrimp, and I ended up looking like “Hitch” after an hour (laughing hysterically). Yup, that had to have been the worst first date ever.

Tommy Gunz: Wow, just like “Hitch”??

Jessica: (laughing) OMG, Yesss!!! Just like “Hitch”.

Q: So what advice do you have to aspiring Make-up Artists trying to get in the game?

 A: Well, if you have a natural ability, school is not needed. Focus on your talents, study faces, study shadows and lighting. Learn different textures and learn color theories.  Art is a major part of it, so learn what colors work together and what colors compliment each other. Inspiration is all around you, keep your eyes and ears open.

Q: So in the makeup game, what is the hottest trend right now?

A: Let me see. For this Fall: Eyes were a focal point as burnished gold reigned for lids, liner took an exaggerated turn and brows got their arch back. Hair-stylists played with the chignon and sculpted frizzy beehives; feather hair accessories received a couture twist and short pixie-cuts provided boyish contrast to all the extravagance and creativity that is couture.

Tommy Gunz: Wow, I consider myself a smart dude, but I have no idea what you just said (laughing hysterically)

Jessica: (laughs) That’s because you’re a guy. 


Q: Ok, so music-wise, who are you feeling right now? You a hip-hop fan?

A: Yes I am. I get inspired by hip-hop. I’m diggin’ Drake, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Rick Ross, Nicki (Minaj), Chris Brown, Adele, among others.

Q: That’s dope. So is there a lot of money in the makeup game?

A: There is a lot of money to be made, if you are willing to go out there and get it; competition is thick.

Q: Of course. So what’s the best part about your job?

A: (smiles) Watching my clients be happy. “Beating a face up” and watching my girl get a boost of confidence, like “yea gurllll, I’m the ish right now” (laughs). And then taking the opportunity to tell them that the only thing that matters is how you see yourself, how the world will see you, how you see yourself, so you are always the ish. That confidence resonates a magnificent energy.

Q: What’s the worst part about your job?

A: You are truly an entrepreneur and gotta hustle for yours.  You got to be willing to travel everywhere and you have to be willing to take constructive criticism. Not everyone is going to love your work so you have to be humble.

Q: So are you a Party-chick or a Homebody?

A: I use to be a crazy party-head…Thursday through Sunday.  (laughs). These days I’m a homebody…I love to go out, and the whole social scene, but it has to be an event worth going to.


Q: So what makes Jessica feel extra-sexy??

A: Ahhh, let me see. Fresh hair, fresh nails, fresh gear…and for the real stuff it’s the gym and a strong sense of self.


Q: Ok, that a good answer. So what fashion accessory Can’t you live without?

A: Haha!!! (laughs) I Definitely have to say hats. I love hats.

Tommy Gunz: Me too!!!!!!!! (laughing)

Q: So being a fashionable check, what’s NOT a good look for the ladies in 2011?

A: Hmmmm, let me see, I can’t get into those parachute pants…does nothing for me or anyone else. For me fashion is funny, do what works for you and do it well….a trend comes and goes, personality stays.

Q: Ok, so who is your celebrity Crush?

A: Wow (giggles). Celebrity crush….that’s a good one. Ummmmm…Johnny Depp, Ashton Kutcher, Gerard Butler…not so much crushes, but I find strong, confident men attractive.

Q: You take great pics and you are definitely hot. would you ever consider doing some Modeling?

A: I am open to it. I usually do behind the camera activities, but I had a photo-shoot recently and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.  I definitely would love to express my creatively in that form as well.

Q: So what are your other goals for the future?

A: My Goals for the future in a society where things move and change so rapidly is hard to grasp. I take all opportunities because you never know where a road is going to take you…I will definitely still be in this industry. Right now I speak to women and self awareness to develop a strong sense of self, because that’s sexy. I am an artist, a writer, and pop culture cultivator. Hustla…

Q: Yes you are! Got any Shout-outs before we go?

A: Yes!!! Shout out to you Tommy and GoodFellaz TV for bringing me on, Shani Faure from Stilettos and Sounds PR Agency for always having my back, and to all my followers and supporters…

For more info on “Hot Chick of the Month” Jessica Marti, check out her Website & Social Network Contact Info Below ??


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