#GFTV Food Review: Dino BBQ In Newark, NJ

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– Reviewed by Shah

Dino BBQ is located in the heart of downtown Newark. From a glance, it appears to be patterned after the popular Dallas BBQ located in New York. The GoodFellaz decided to give this spot a try based on it’s excellent appearance. There is actually an elaborate story about how it got it’s name, which is not very memorable. The food is even less memorable. Although their menu sounds great if you sound it out, the quality leaves you wondering why you didn’t save money by going down the street to Crown Fried Chicken. They have the nerve to serve borderline chicken-shack-quality food with complex sounding names at Times Square-prices.

The service at Dino BBQ is the only thing that’s exemplary. Upon entrance, we were greeted by people with smiling faces, which left us anticipating an excellent experience. Our waitress was unbelievably amicable, prompt, and knowledgeable of what they served. She recited the story of how Dino BBQ got it’s name, but as we previously established, it wasn’t interesting enough to remember. It was impressive that she knew it well, but it was too generic to catch our interest. The drinks are average, nothing at all to rush to them about. There is a liquor store three blocks away on Washington and Hill Street that gives you liquor that is just as good if you mix it with some soda.

Our overall experience at Dino BBQ was great, ONLY because we make anything interesting. The GoodFellaz don’t have boring moments at any time. However, if it weren’t for the great service, Dino BBQ would have been a Total Flop. The food is extremely overpriced, and low quality. The selections are not exciting by any means. There were even bugs crawling up the walls. This place cannot be compared to Dallas BBQ by no stretch of the imagination. Even on that particular block, Crown Fried Chicken, Golden Krust, or the famous Fish market are a far better selections.

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