Hip Hop Really Is Dead! What Macklemore Winning “Rap Album of the Year” Means For Hip-Hop

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Hip Hop Really Is Dead! What Macklemore Winning “Rap Album of the Year” Means For Hip-Hop

– Written by Shah

Sorry hip hop fans, THE END IS HERE!!

Macklemore won ‘Best Rap Album of the Year’ at the Grammy Awards in 2014. This is truly the beginning of the end for hip hop. From the 70’s until, arguably, the past couple of years, hip hop has been largely anti-gay. Granted, there have been plenty of question marks over the years. Lil Wayne and Baby kissing on the lips is not the best representation of masculinity in hip hop. Cam’ron’s all pink everything look in the early part of the century certainly didn’t look any tougher. The Game and Prodigy have gone on Vlad TV taking a very diplomatic stance on homosexuality in hip hop as well to the surprise of many.

mister-cee-featuredThen, the gay bomb dropped: DJ Mister Cee gets busted receiving oral sex from a man! If that wasn’t bad enough, Frank Ocean came out of the closet. Now, a known advocate for homosexuals in hip hop wins best album of the year. WTF?? This is pure blasphemy given the broad history of the art-form that fathered terms such as “Pause,” and “no homo”. Now, it seems like the norm will shift in hip hop from an art form composed mainly of masculine energy, to that of extreme effeminate vibes. Hip hop was not created gay, but it’s getting there slowly but surely.

One has to ask, how did hip hop get this way? We can trace it back to, not just one event, but the convenient combination of many. In the 90’s, everyone was trying to figure out who the gay rapper was, to no avail. Furthermore, female rappers such as Gangsta Boo dropped bisexual lines here and there, although females weren’t as condemned for same sex acts as males. At that time, if you were gay in hip hop, you kept it very secret.

cam in pinkThen things started to get weird in hip hop fashion; Jim Jones ushered in the tight jeans, Cam’ron wore pink, and Kanye brought in the preppy look. With the mixture of these brave changes in fashion, homosexuals started fitting into the new ‘Hip Hop look’. Then, you take a population of simple minded rappers from primarily poor areas, put them in parties with all sorts of weirdoes and fruit cakes, and you have the mixture of hip hop and homosexuality. This happens to the point where rappers started to abandon their condemnation of homosexuality, and started to accept the gay community as normal.

Now things are just scary. Rappers including Lil Wayne & Wiz Khalifa have been spotted performing on stage wearing  tights and male-leggings. Kanye West recently performed in his native Chicago wearing a kilt. You can go to pretty much any hood and see more than a few dudes wearing tight jeans. What is going on here?? What would ‘Pac & Biggie think about the state of Hip Hop if they were still here?

Eminem already has many people saying the greatest rapper in history is Caucasian. Now, Macklemore is helping accomplishing similar accolades by being an avid supporter of the gay-community. Mix this with hip hop fan’s lack of loyalty, and the inundation of homosexuals in the offices at the record labels, and you have the death of hip hop. Once world famous artists known for their hard lyrics start coming out of the closet, you can stick a fork in Hip Hop!

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