Manning on the Move

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Manning on the Move




-Written By Big”A”

For weeks there have been rumors that circulating Peyton Manning’s future with the Indianapolis Colts would come to an end. Yesterday all of the rumors came to a head and went from rumors to facts, after 14 years of being “The Man” for the Colts has come to an end. There was a press conference with a select media group that aired 12pm eastern time, Manning and the owner of the Colts met with the media explain why such an end came to and respectfully give each other a public goodbye. During the conference the owner did something that hasn’t ever been done for ay active player, he publicly said that Manning’s jersey would be retired and no other Colts player will ever wear #18. Peyton Manning the only man in NFL history to win MVP 4 times in his career, and have been called one of the men to change the game is now in a position he never would have considered being in, a free agent looking for a football team to play for.

With all the accolades that he’s achieved being in the NFL it won’t be hard for Manning to find a place to be “The Field General” as some has called him in times past. Since becoming a free agent there’s speculation on where Manning will make his next move and making another mark in NFL history with another franchise. There a plenty of teams that are struggling that would love to land Manning on their roster, from The Jets, The Rams, and  The Cardinals that are looking to make the Manning move. Peyton Manning joins an elite list of star players to have been with a team making a name for their self to end their career with another team; like Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Joe Namath, and LaDainian Tomlinson to name a few.


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