What Is Amerikkka Afraid Of??

admin June 6, 2011 Comments Off on What Is Amerikkka Afraid Of??

– Opinion Article by Shah

Why is Amerikkka afraid of the big bad black-man?  The Republicans recently got mad over Common’s presence in the White House.  Common has been one of Hip-Hop’s most politically conscious rappers, making songs about society’s ills, and would be more known for love songs than violence.  However, if you ask them, the Republican party would say Common is a gangster rapper, a thug, and that he promotes violence.  

What is Amerikkka’s problem with black men?  After kidnapping millions of black people, raping their women, using them for slaves, and all the torture inflicted, one would think that an uprising is in order.  However, since chattel slavery was abolished on paper in 1865, black people have only had a few uprisings over much smaller issues than slavery.  White people are extremely afraid that black people will rule this country.  In fact, that was the very motive behind the Charles Manson killings.  The fact is that there is no way a people so divided can conquer the world.  Although it would be justice for black people to enslave white people, and to dominate the world with their culture and arts, the black man in Amerikkka is far too confused to conquer anything.  We need to first get them out of Amerikkka’s religions, drugs, gangs, ways of life, etc., and educate them in their own ways and history.  

The black man in Amerikkka is no beast.  He is simply what Amerikkka made him.  A poor defenseless soul who is much more likely to lash out at his own than to exact justice for all the murder, rape, kidnapping, and violence that has been inflicted on him.  Common, who promotes peace, should be the ideal black man for the white man to pacify us with, however, even he is despised by the people who view black people as a threat.  The real question we must ask white people is: What do you really fear?  Are you afraid that black people will finally get the revenge they deserve for everything you’ve done to them?  Are you afraid that they will find out you stole most of your arts and culture from them while considering them savages?  Are you afraid they will reveal that you were the real savages from the caves of Europe and that they taught you how to be civilized?



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