Former Wrestler Scott Hall Arrested For Choking His Girlfriend

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– GoodFellaz TV Staff

Well it looks like former wrestling-star Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon is in trouble yet again! “The Bad Guy” recently got locked up (for the 3rd time) for domestic abuse, after allegedly choking his girlfriend. Scott Hall, once an extremly popular wrestler for the WWE and WCW brands, has had a well documented history with alcohol and drug abuse, along with numerous altercations involving the law in the past.

It seems like Scott Hall’s personal battle with drugs and alcohol is a constant struggle, as it was rumored several weeks ago that ‘Razor Ramon’ had been released from a rehab program. Last year, Scott Hall was also admitted to a hospital in Rhode Island after overdosing on prescription pills, shortly after performing at a local wrestling event.

Scott Hall had a cult-following during his wrestling career in the 90’s as “Razor Ramon” in the WWE and as a founding-member of the NWO-brand in WCW. However drugs and alcohol took a toll on his wrestling career and health.  Hall has often spoken frankly about his drug habit from his wrestling days, one time vividly detailing a story of him and fellow WWE superstar Shawn Michaels popping pills in a hotel room until they passed out.

We hope Scott Hall finds help soon, as there is a long-list of other wrestlers who have died due to drug and alcohol abuse. Check out classic Scott Hall footage below, courtesy of the good folks at GoodFellaz TV.



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