The Nike Air Yeezy 2’s Set To Be Released June 9th: #GFTV “Sneaker Pick of the Month”

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– Reviewed by Tommy Gunz (@DJTommyGunzNJ)

The release date for one of the most highly anticipated sneakers of the year is almost here! That’s right, the GoodFellaz TV “Sneaker Pick of the Month” is none other than the Kanye West & Nike Air Yeezy II’s, which are set to drop at select sneaker-spots across the world June 9th. The follow-up to the hugely popular original Air Yeezy’s come in 2 different colors, Pure Platinum/Wolf Grey & Black/Solar Red, and are rumored to be selling for around $245 a pair. Kanye has already been seen rockin’ the Air Yeezy II’s at spots including the Coachella Music Festival, the MTV VMAs, and at numerous stops on his “Watch the Throne” Tour, and several other celeb’s including Jay-Z (of course), Fat Joe and Lebron James have also been spotted with these super-official kicks.

These sneakers are so exclusive, word-on-the-street is that the entire continent of Australia, where the kicks are rumored to be released first, only has 60 Pairs. The New Air Yeezy II’s sport a slimmer, sleeker design than their predecessor, and have the look and feel of the vintage 80’s basketball sneaker, mixed with some ‘old world’ flava. The upper-part of these sneakers have a dope anaconda-skin, molded- leather design, feature Egyptian-inspired decorative symbols, and of course maintain the signature glowing-soles that the originals were known for.

These kicks are far-and-away the dopest shoes to come out this year thus far, so expect sneaker-stores in a hood-near-you to be crazy on the date of their release. The Air Yeezy’s are the ‘must have’ sneakers of the  summer, and are perfect for pretty much any occasion; whether you’re on-the-block with 20’s of sour, or in the club trying to bag the shorty with the double-D’s, these are the kicks you need on your feet!

The GoodFellaz TV “Sneaker Pick of the Month, The New Nike Air Yeezy II’s get:

 5 out of 5 TV’s

they are definitely a ‘Must Have’ for any real sneaker-head. Check out exclusive photos of the Air Yeezy II’s below, courtesy of the good folks at GoodFellaz TV.

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