Bad Girls of the Month

Showcasing talented females doing their thing in the industry, each month the GoodFellaz pick the “Bad Girl of the Month”. Featuring Models, TV/ Radio Personalities, Actresses & Female Entrepreneurs, the “Bad Girl of the Month” is a combination of Beauty, Brains & Hustle.

This month’s “Bad Girl of the Month” is the smokin’ hot Priscilla Rosario. Raised in NJ, the super-sexy Ms. Rosario is a triple-threat: she is a Model, Radio Personality & an Actress, and is currently in the midst of wrapping-up a starring role in an upcoming indie-movie.

Recently GoodFellaz TV’s own Tommy Gunz & Big A recently got a chance to sit down with Priscilla at a Panera Bread near-you, where we talked about everything: Why she may be giving up Modeling, her upcoming movie, kissing girls, boxing, her Turn-on’s, and more. Check out her exclusive interview below, only on GoodFellaz TV.

Q: So Ms. Rosario, first-things-first, where are you from ?

A: I am a ‘Jersey Girl’, I’m from West Paterson, NJ. Yaaaaaaay!! (Laughs)

Q: We gotta say, you are smokin’ hot! The fellaz across the globe want to know: Single of Taken??

A: (Blushing). Why thank you. But sorry ‘fellaz across the globe’, I’m taken. I have a fiance’. 

Q: Well you definitely have an exotic look. Whats your nationality?

A: I am Dominican baby! (fist pumps)

Q: Niiiice. When is your birthday? What’s your sign?

A: My birthday is in July, and it’s coming up soon, so I expect a gift from you guys (laughs). I am a Cancer.

Q: So not only are you a Model and a Radio Personality, but you are an Actress as well. As a matter of fact, you have a couple of big Movie projects coming up soon. Tell us more about that, How did you get into acting?

A: Hmmm, let me see. I got into acting..well actually I started dancing first. But real dancing, not like ‘club dancing’ (laughs). Then I took an acting class during this sumnmer program. I did music theater at first. This film that I’m doing is actually the first time I’ve done acting officially.

Q: Really? So how did you end up getting a leading role in this movie you’re starring in?

A: Well I guess you could say I got the role because I’m nosy (laughs). I was around the movie, and I like boxing, so I started inquiring about things to the producers. And from there I started telling them everything about boxing, when they had certain questions. And as fate would have it, the origianl chick dropped out for some reason, and they asked me if I wanted the part. In the movie the character I play is bi-sexual, so the director asked me if I was confortable with that, and I said “yeah”. And here I am (smiles).

Big A: That’s what’s up!! So you kind of hustled your way into the movie, huh? (laughs).

Priscilla: Yup!!! Pretty much (laughs).

Q: Well this is a movie based on boxing. Do you actually box?

A: Yes, believe it or not I actually box. Well I’ve been sparring actually, I haven’t had a fight yet, but I will soon enough (throws a play-punch). I’ve just been so busy with everything, I just haven’t gotten a chance to focus on a match yet.

Q: Well speaking of boxing, the Mayweather vs. Cotto match just happened not to long ago. Who did you have picked to win the fight?

A: Come on bro, Mayweather of course (wink). I know I’m spanish, but it’s not about race; it’s about boxing. And oh by the way, Mayweather would beat Paquio too! (Throws a fake job).

Q: So tell us about the movie that you’re starring in. It’s a boxing movie from what we’ve seen.

A: Yes it is. The name of the film is “Split Decision”. I’m the lead character. The movie is about an up-n-coming female boxer who’s preparing for her first fight. The character I play is bisexual; she has a boyfriend and girlfriends (laughs). And there’s a lot of drama between her and her family over her lifestyle.

Tommy Gunz: Damn, she’s got boyfriends AND girlfriends. So you’re like a Bi-sexual pimp, huh? (laughs)

Priscilla: (laughing hysterically) Yeah, pretty much. And the chick that I’m with in the movie is hot too!

Q: So are there any scenes where you’re ‘hooking-up’ with a female?

A: Yup! (laughs). My character hooks up with dudes and chicks actually.

Q: Really?? How was it kissing a chick?? We’re you nervous?

A: Of course you guys would ask me questions about kissing girls, perverts (laughs). Well actually when I had to kiss the chick, I wasnt really nervous at all. Honestly I was more nervous about kissing the dude then the chick (wink).

Q: Speaking of kissing other people on film, how did your boyfriend feel about your ‘love-scenes’. Was there any drama or jealousy, or was he cool with it?

A: My boyfriend is very suportive of everything I do, which is really cool (smiles).

Q: So tell us about the Modeling. Obviously you’re hot, but how did you get into modeling?

A: Hmmm, well I started modeling pretty recently actually, like around last June. It was just something I always wanted to do, Believe it or not, I was kinda scared to do it at first (covers eyes).

So anyway, a good friend of mine, he’s the photographer I work with, told me I should start modeling after I made this ‘sexy calendar’ for my fiance.

After that I started putting up some of my photo-shoot pics on sites like Model Mayham, Facebook, and Twitter, just to promote myself. And after a while people started to reach out to me about working on projects.

Big A: And from there, you became a model, huh?

Priscilla: Ehhhh, to tell you the truth, being a Model is ‘whatever’ to me. Honestly I’m not really a big fan of the modeling. Yeah there’s money in it, and it’s not that I feel uncomfortable doing it, it’s just that I always saw it as more of a stepping stone then a career. I don’t wanna get stuck being ‘A Model’ forever, you know. Plus I have a daughter, so I have to be a role model (smiles).

Tommy Gunz: No doubt, that’s a real answer right there. So switching gears for a minute, do you drink? What’s your drink of choice?

A: Believe it or not, I don’t drink. Shhhhhh (laughs).

Big A: Whaaaaat?? No way?? You serious??

Priscilla: (laughing) Nope, no drinking for me. I am drug and alchohol free (fist pumps)!

Q: Lets talk acting. What’s your favorite part of being an actress?

A: You get to be somebody else. I like that. You get to express yourself. Funny thing is, the character in the movie is kinda similar to me.

Tommy Gunz: Ahhhh I knew it, so you do like kissing girls then (laughing).

Priscilla: No silly, not that part (laughing hysterically). But it is really cool to play a totally different character. It’s a rush for me to be somebody else, and to be placed in situations I normally never would be involved in. That’s my favorite thing.

Q: So what’s next for Ms. Rosario ??

A: I want to do film. But a little secret of mine is that I really want to do Broadway (smiles). I can’t wait to do this ‘off-Broadway’ project I’m about to start working on. There’s just something about Broadway that I love.

Q:What type of music do you like? Hip Hop? Spanish?

A: Music wise, I like Spanish music. I like a lot of different types of music. I’m really not into rap honestly, although I like some of the older stuff, old schoool. I think a lot of the newer hip hop out today is garbage. Rap-wise I like T.I., and Drake, even though he’s starting to get a little annoying these days. I used to like Nicki Minaj too, her older stuff.

Q: So what are some of your Turn-On’s when it comes to the Fellaz?

A: Wow, my turn-on’s, let me see (smiles). Believe it or not I like small guys, I don’t know why, I don’t really like tall guys. What else? Well I like a guy that can make me laugh. If you can make me laugh, that’s definitely a turn-on. A guy has gotta know how to dress, and he’s gotta have Swag. Also he has to keep a good convo too, there’s nothing worse than a boring guy (rolling eyes).

Q: No doubt, so what are some of you Turn-off’s?

A: Hmmmn. I can’t stand a guy that’s cocky and arrogant. Dumb guys are definitely a turn-off. I can’t stand a guy that doesn’t have any goals. I don’t like smokers or heavy-drinkers. I don’t know, I’m really not that picky.

Q: One thing you can’t live without would be _____ ??

A: Haha, I can’t live without my phone. Just the other day I was missing my phone for like the whole day and I almost died (laughs).

Q: Well we know you’re ‘wifed-up’, but who would your Celebrity Crush be?

A: Wow, what a question, let me see (blushing). I guess my celebrity crush would be T.I., there’s just something about T.I. (smiling). Oh and Ice-T’s wife Coco (laughing). She would be my female celebrity crush.

Tommy Gunz: Haha, there you go with your female crushes again, let me find out (laughing).

Priscilla: Oh Shut up you (laughing).

Q: So the fellaz want to know, which do you prefer: Boy-shorts or Thongs?

A: Boy shorts. A wife-beater and boy-shorts is very sexy to me.

Q: We agree (laughs)! So Fashion-wise, what’s hot for the ladies right now?

A: Fashion-wise, hmmmmm. Well some nice fitted skinny jeans are always a good look, but they have to be nice. Of course some nice pumps. And for the summertime, make sure whatever it is, that its comfortable and sexy, but NOT slutty (laughs).

Q: So what’s NOT a good look for the ladies, fashion-wise?

A: Where do I begin (laughs). Uggs are not a good look, especially the ‘beat-up’ looking UggsChinese Slippers are not a good look to go out somewhere in. And I guess clothes that don’t fit you pretty much. Come on ladies, if your shirt is 3-times to small, it’s just not cute (laughs).

Q: Do you have any Tatoos?

A: Ummm, no Tattoos. Tats are cool, but they just aren’t for me.
Guys wit tats are ‘whatever’. It’s not a big deal to me. I don’t like guys that are covered with tats though.

Q: Are you more of a Party-girl or Homebody?

A: Haaaaa! I’m definitely a Homebody. I don’t really party too much, only if it’s business and I have to go out for an event.

Q: So what advice would you give to any aspiring Actresses looking to get in the game?

A: My advice would be to go hard. Be sure that it’s something you wanna do. Because once you’re in it, there’s no turning back. Dive into it full force, because you don’t know what type of opportunities could come from the moves you make. Take as many acting-classes as you possibly can. And of course, do your research.


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For more on her upcoming Movie Project “Split Decision” check out the website below:

Showcasing talented females doing their thing in the industry, each month the GoodFellaz pick the “Bad Girl of the Month”. Featuring Models, TV/ Radio Personalities, Actresses & Female Entrepreneurs, the “Bad Girl of the Month” is a combination of Beauty, Brains & Hustle.

This month we have 2 Bad Girls for the price of one, as this months Bad Girls of the Month” are the beautiful and talented Mari Twins.  The smokin’ hot twin fashionistas have been doing their thing throughout the Tri-State, from hosting fashion-shows and doing events for charity, to hosting their own radio show on the popular station ClubZone.FM

Recently GoodFellaz TV’s own Tommy Gunz  got a chance to sit down with the Mari Twins, Maribel & Marisol, while smoking hookah at the popular Lava Hookah Lounge, where we talked about everything: Their love of fashion and radio, having birthdays on Halloween, the beaches of Spain, and their plans for fashion-world domination. The interview was quite interesting, as the twins would often finish each others sentences, many times answering questions together. Check out their exclusive interview below on GoodFellaz TV.

Q: So how long have you guys been in the fashion game?

A: Well it started as fun, but we really started taking the ‘fashion-thing’ serious about a year-and-a-half ago. Originally we started hosting parties and modeling, and kept going from there.

Q: You guys also have a popular radio show on ClubZone.FM in NJ, tell us more about that?

A: Yes, we have our radio show “The Fashion Patrol w/ The Mari Twins” on Sundays from 6-8 PM. We talk about fashion of course, as well as whatever’s happening at the moment. We started doing our show at Clubzone.FM about a year ago.

Q: You guys have a very exotic look. What’s your nationality?

A: Thank you (smiles). We are Ecuadorian and Spanish, but Spanish as in from Spain, so I guess that would mean we’re Spainaird (laughs).

Tommy Gunz: Wow, that is definitely an exotic mix. Have you ever been to Spain before?

Marisol: Yes we have, it’s so beautiful over there. The beaches there are amazing.

Tommy Gunz: Wow I can imagine. You guys must love to travel.

Maribel: Yes, we love to travel. We love Vegas and Miami. We were just in Miami not too long ago.

Q: So you guys do a lot of events across the Tri-State area, can you tell us more about that?

A: Yes, well we have done a lot of different events over the last year-and-a-half. We’ve done a bunch of Fashion-shows, some of the events have been for charity; we’ve also done ‘toy-drives’ and other things for the community as well. We also host and model in events as well, and we work with iVive H2O Tu Obsesion Hispana as well.

Q: Now I heard a rumor that your birthday’s are on Halloween, is this true?

A (Marisol): (smiles). Yup, our birthday’s are on halloween!

Q: Wow, that’s gotta be pretty cool. So did you guys dress up for your birthday?

A: Of course, we always dress up. We were Wonder-Woman and Poison Ivy for Halloween this year.

Tommy Gunz: Wow, I would love to have seen those costumes. I’m sure you guys were looking extra good!

A: Yeah our costumes were hot (fist pumps)!

Q: Where did you guys go to College?

A: Kean University baby (smiles)! We’re both Kean University alumni.

Q: Nice! So what advice do you have for other people looking to get in the Fashion industry?

A (Maribel): Umm, well I guess it might sound a little cliched, but I would say work hard, stay focused, follow your dreams, and don’t give up.

Tommy Gunz: Well you guys are always very fashionable, it’s apparent that you guys love what you do.

Marisol: Yes! We do enjoy what we do very much.

Q: Tell us a fun fact about you guys that most people wouldn’t know?

A (Maribel): Hmmmm a fun fact. Well Marisol is a minute older. And she took my ‘drivers test’ for me (laughs). Shhhhhhh.

Q: What’s your guys favorite thing about what you do?

A: Our favorite part would probably be meeting people and helping people. Just the other day we randomly ended up on the “Wendy Williams Show”. We’ve done all types of events other than fashion, which is very cool. We’ve helped out with different charity organizations; we just did something recently with Bone Marrow awareness, we even helped send christmas trees to the troops over-seas. It’s all very rewarding.

Q: Well football season just ended, so let’s talk sports for a minute. Are you guys sports fans? What sport?

 A (Maribel): Well honestly I’m not really a big football fan. I did want the Giants to win though (smiles). We’re more into the Worldcup and Eurocup than the Super-Bowl. We like Boxing too.

Q: Boxing, really? What do you guys know about boxing? (laughs). Who are your favorite boxers?

A (Marisol): We know a little something about boxing (laughs). I would say our favorite boxers would be Cotto, Pacquio, and of course Artoro Gotti.

Q: We know you guys love fashion and modeling. What DON’T you guys like about the ‘fashion-game’?

A: Honestly, all our experiences have be positive so far, so we can’t really complain. If anything, I guess the only bad thing would be that the fashion industry is definitely a very competitive field. There’s A LOT of competition.

Q: Well you ladies are definitely smokin’ hot, plus you’re twins. So the fellaz across the world want to know: Single or Taken?

A: Oh boy. Well you could say that we’re both single (laughing). Something like that anyway (winks).

Q: Is it difficult to date for you guys, being that you’re always so busy?

A: Hmmm, I guess you could say that, it can be kind of hard sometime because we are always so busy with work and everything else that we do.

Q: So speaking of dating, what type of dudes do you guys like?

A: We like ‘Go-getters’. A guy has to be ambitious, he has to have a good fashion sense, and must be career-minded.  He has to be understanding and definitely funny; he has to make us laugh. He has to be spanish too; he has to be able to speak spanish (laughs).

Q: I hear that. Have you guys ever ‘double-dated’ before, being twins and all.

A: Yes we have, a couple of times! We’ve even pretended to be each other before. Shhhhhh (laughs).

Q: I gotta hear that story one day. So let’s talk music for a minute. Who do you guys like musically right now?

A (Maribel):  We like a little bit of everything. Rihanna, Black Eyed Peas, Pitbull. Love some Wisin y Yandel, and a lot of spanish music in general. We like some hip hop too. Drake is hot!

Q: So being the fashionistas that you are, let us know: what’s hot for the ladies right now, fashion-wise ?

A: Hmmm. What’s hot for the ladies right now? Well ladies have to have a scarf; scarves are always fashinable. Your accessories always have to be on point. The boots as well also have to be on point, as well as the platforms. Basically whatever a woman wears, it has to be fun. It has to be comfortable. You have to feel sexy in it. And of course, a nice pair of heels is always mandatory.

Tommy Gunz: Gotta have the heels on point, I can dig it. I know your ‘shoe-game’ is off the hook ladies.

Maribel: (laughs) Of course. Every woman should have their ‘shoe-game’ on point. You always need a few pairs of heels. Stilettos. Shoes complete the outfit. One of our current favorites designers is Devina Moda; those are some of the hottest shoes out.

Q: No doubt. So what CAN’T you guys live without?

A: Wow, what can’t we live without?  Shoes I guess. And definitely our cell phones (giggles).

Q: So the fellaz wanna know, what are the Mari Twins ‘Turn-On’s’ about the opposite sex?

A: Oh wow, how do we answer this (laughing). Well I guess it’s important that a guy knows how to dress, and he needs to be a gentleman. You gotta open doors when you take a lady out on a date. A guy has to be sexy and secure. When he walks into a room, he owns the room. But still a ‘nice-guy’ as well. Oh, and a guys ‘shoe-game’ is important as well (smiles).

Q: I hear that. What are some of your ‘Turn-off’s’?

A (Marisol): A guy who doesn’t take care of himself is such a Turn-Off (gags).

Q: You guys are always at a lot of events. Would you guys conside yourselves as ‘Party-heads’ or ‘Homebody’s’?

A: (Maribel): A little of both I guess (smiles). I do like to dance, but I also don’t mind chilling at the house. It depends on my mood.

Q: Speaking of partying, do you guys drink? What’s the liquor of choice?

A: A little bit (laughs). Our drink of choice would probably be Henny!

Tommy Gunz: Henny? No way! Let me find out you guys got a lil’ gangsta in you (laughs)

Maribel: Yup, Henny (laughing).

Q: So what projects do you guys have coming up in the future?

A: Well we want to continue to be a part of all the wonderful things we’ve been able to be involved in. We want to keep doing the Radio Show. We’re also involved with “Remington’s World”. We also want to hold more charity events, and to just continue what we’re doing now. I don’t see us stopping anytime soon. And we have a lot more fun things planned in the future, watch out (winks).

Q: I already know. Any shout-outs before we go?

A: Yes, we would like to shout you guys out for interviewing us of course. We also have to shout-out iVive H20 Tu Obsesion Hispana, Clubzone.FM Radio, Jojo Remington and Remington’s World, Lava Lounge, 46 lounge, Vanessa Ramirez, LatinoVybe, Anna Segura, LMP, Showbiz, and all of our friends and family who have supported us since day one.

For more on the “Bad Girls of the Month” the Mari Twins, check them out online at:



This month’s “Bad Girl of the Month” is the smokin’ hot Lauren Quatavia. Raised in NJ & NY area, the super-sexy Ms. Quatavia is both a Model & an aspiring Actress, and has been in numerous videos during the last couple of years.

Recently GoodFellaz TV’s own Tommy Gunz recently got a chance to sit down with Lauren during a photoshoot, where we talked about everything: Why she may be giving up Modeling, Acting, the Miami Heat, her Turn-on’s, and more. Check out her exclusive interview below.

Q: So where are you from Lauren?

A: I’ve been here-and-there, but for the most part you could say I’m from Long Island, NY

Q: Okay, Strong Island in the house! Well Lauren you’re definitely hot, how long have you been modeling for?

A: Hmmm, how do I answer this?? Well I did modeling for a year and some change, but it’s not really my thing. I really want to be behind-the-scenes; doing event-planning and casting. I don’t think urban modeling is for me, I’m not really beat for the whole “video vixen” thing. At the time ,I did it more for fun and networking.

Q: No doubt. What was your favorite part about the Modeling game?

A: Well, I do love the perks! Getting the VIP treatment, and not having to pay for anything (laughs).

Q: Haha, I feel that. What was the Worst part about the Modeling game?

A: Ugghhh where do I begin (laughs). I would say the people that you have to deal with and the stuff you had to go through. Me personally, I’d rather do something glamorous instead of taking pics bent-over half-naked. Some of these dudes can be maaaad creepy and perverted sometimes too (rolls eyes).

Q: Ok, so you’ve done the Modeling thing for a minute. What’s next for you?

A: I want be an Actress, ‘cuz acting is more of a talent-thing; you can do so many things, and play all types of characters. It’s more like Art than just being pretty. And that’s where most of the money is too, main-stream acting!

Q: Get that money ma! (Laughs). So the fellaz across the globe wanna know: Single or Taken?

A: Ha-ha. I’m Single. Single by choice. Honestly I don’t want to be distracted right now, I need to be focused, and with dudes it’s always a headache. Guys have issues (laughs).

Q: (Laughs). No comment. What’s your sign?

A: I’m a Pisces baby.

Q: Ok, would you say that the characteristics of a Pisces apply to you?

A: No I totally disagree with the characteristics, they make it seem like Pisces is the weakest sign on earth. Wack (laughs).

Q: You know it’s football season right now. Do you like sports? What sport? Who’s your team?

A: I am a Basketball fan actually. The Miami Heat are my team. I’m not really a big football fan.

Q: Oh really? Are the Heat gonna win this year??

A: Of course! They are gonna win tit all this year (fist pumps).

Q: So let’s talk music for a minute, who are you feeling musically right now?

A: Hmmmm. I like a lot of different artists, with me it’s about what catches me; a lot of music doesn’t have any meaning these days. Drake is cool. I’m a hip-hop/R&b fan, but I like a little pop too. I like some of the old Lady Gaga stuff.

Tommy Gunz: Lady Gaga?? Let me find out… (Laughs).

Lauren: I’m serious (laughs).

Q: Let’s switch gears for a minute. What are some of your Turn-on’s about the opposite sex??

A: Turn-on’s, let me see (smiles). I like someone who has goals, who is trying to better themselves. I  don’t want the drug dealer on the corner. I like guys who are funny and spontaneous. They have to be taller than me too. A dude definitely has to be at least 5’6. I’ve never dated other races yet, but I’m always down to try something new (winks).

Q: No short dudes, huh? (Laughs).

A: Nope. I’m 5 foot, we can’t be the same height if I’m in heels (laughs).

Q: True. So what are some of your Turn-off’s?

A: Oh boy, where to begin (laughs). Well someone who lacks ambition. Insecure guys are wack. Don’t blow my phone up, don’t act too thirsty. And no style is a turn-off. A guy has to know how to dress.

Q: What was the Worst Date you’ve ever been on?

A: Hmmm. Good question. I can’t honestly remember a really bad date. But then again I haven’t been on many dates (covers eyes).

Tommy Gunz: What?? You haven’t been on a lot of dates? I don’t believe that.

Lauren: (laughing hysterically) I’m serious.

Q: These dudes are slacking! So what makes Lauren feel extra sexy?

A: Getting dressed up makes me feel extra sexy. My heels of course, and getting ‘dolled-up’, I luv it!

Q: Are you a Boy-shorts or Thongs type of woman ??

A: I’m gonna go with Boy shorts (winks).

Q: No doubt. So what can’t you live without?

A: My heels. I own 1 pair of sneakers, the rest of my shoes are all heels. I don’t think after 21 or 22 females should be going crazy for Jordans (laughs). Not a good look.

Q: Fashion-wise, what’s hot for the ladies right now?

A: Well I like classy, trendy, sexy things. It can be short, but it still has to be classy. Nothing slutty (laughs).

Q: What’s NOT a good look for the ladies fashion-wise in 2011?

A: I’m not into the whole ‘leggings’ thing. You can wear them in the house, but if you wear them outside ,it kinda looks tacky. And going to the club with boy-shorts or ‘fish-nets’ or underwear is NOT cute (laughing hysterically).

Q: (Laughing). That’s too funny. So who would be your Celebrity Crush?

A: Wow that’s a tough one. Ummm I guess, D. Wade maybe? (Laughs). I am a Heat fan afterall. Or maybe this new rapper named Kirko Bangz. He’s kinda fine, he’s got the accent and tattoos going on (wink).

Q: What do you know about Tats? Speaking of Tats, do you have any Tattoos?

A: Well….(laughs)..I actually have 1 tattoo, but it doesn’t count. It’s getting removed.

Q: Okay. Would you consider yourself more of Party-head or Homebody?

A: Well I  love a good party when I do decide to go out, but I don’t like to go out everyday. So I guess you could say I’m “half-and-half”.

Q: Oh really Ms. “Half-and-half”? Do you drink? What’s your drink of choice?

A: Yes I do. My drink of choice is pretty much everything besides beer. (Laughs). It all gets the job done!

Q: Tell us a Funny Fact about yourself that most people wouldn’t know?

A: (Smiles). I like to do a lot a silly stuff actually, I’m really just silly in general. Oh, and I’m really 4’11, not quite 5’ feet. Shhhhh, don’t tell anybody (laughs).

Q: So what advice do you have for other chicks trying to get into the Modeling game?

A: Well they should be smart, and make decisions that are positive and NOT degrading. Don’t let other people tell you what you should be doing for your career, especially if you know it’s not the path that you wanna go down.

Q: So tell us about any upcoming projects you have in the works?

A: Right now I’m helping out with casting for some upcoming projects, I just did a video a couple of weeks ago for an artist named Cash Flow, be on the lookout for his  “Hey Lover” video.

Q: No doubt. Any shoutouts before we go?

A: Shoutout to GoodFellaz TV, everybody I’ve worked with, and everybody who supports. I’m bad with shout-outs, I always forget somebody (laughs).


For more on the “Bad Girl of the Month” Lauren Quatavia, check her out online at:


This month’s “Bad Girl of the Month” is the smokin’ hot Vanessa Ramirez. Raised in Paterson, NJ, the latina beauty is both a Model & Radio Personality, with a popular radio show on ClubZone.FM Radio based out of New Jersey.

Recently GoodFellaz TV’s own Tommy Gunz got a chance to sit down with the beautiful Ms. Ramirez in-between takes during a photoshoot , where we talked about everything: Modeling, Radio, ‘Guido’s’, her Turn-on’s, and more. Check out her exclusive interview below

Q: First off I have to say, you’re one of the few models that look just as good in person. So where are you from?

A: Thank you. I was born and raised in Paterson, NJ

Q: That’s what’s up! So how old are you?

A: I am 21. And my birthday is right around the corner, so I better see you guys at my party (laughs)

Q: No doubt! You know the GoodFellaz will be in the building. So what’s your sign?

A: Scorpio baby!!

Q: Nice! So not only do you model, you’re also a radio personality as well. Tell us more about that.

A: Yes I am. I have a show on radio, the “Che & Company” Show, it’s on every Tuesday & Wednesday 2-4pm. I’ve been there 7 months now and I love it, it’s sooooo much fun.

Q: Well Vanessa you’re definitely smokin’ hot! You have a very exotic look actually. What’s your nationality?

A: Why thank you (smiles). I am Colombian and Lebanese.

Tommy Gunz: Wow that is an exotic mix. Shout-out to your parents.

Vanessa: (laughs). Yes, shout-out to them!

Q: So how long have you been modeling for?

A: I’ve been modeling for 2 years now. Well actually I started, stopped and then came back to it. The first video I ever did was with Felony Fame of Dip Set. While I was at the shoot I met Cam’ron; out of all the other girls there that day he singled me out and said I “looked real good on camera”. At the time, I was just doing it for fun, but after that I decided to take it seriously.So for a while after that I was a lingerie model. I’ve also done other videos including Ron Browz “Gimmee $20”, “Pass the Patron”, and a video with Don Omar, among others.

Q: That’s a good look right there. So now you’re trying to diversify your Modeling portfolio I heard?

A: (laughs) Yeah man. I don’t just want to be known as a video vixen, I want to be diverse. So now I’m learning how to pose for more Fashion campaigns.

Q: Oh word, you’re trying to take over the whole game, huh? (Laughs). So what’s the difference between modeling for Videos and Fashion ads?

A: You know it! (Fist pumps). Well the difference is, being a Lingerie Model or Video chick, its more about your body, and how little you’re wearing. Fashion on the other hand is very fierce; it’s more of an Art, you have to have life behind your poses. Its all bout the angles, poses, facial expressions.

Q: Who are you currently working with and who would you like to work with in the future?

A: I am currently working with Cornerstore Magazine; we have a lot of dope projects in the works. I also would love to do Maxim, King Magazine, other publications like those.

Q: So what other models are doing their thing in your opinion?

A: Hmmm, there are quite a few models that are doing their thing right now. I look up to Rosa Acosta; I think she’s very beautiful and talented. I think Amber Rose is hot. Being short myself, I think Jessenia Vice is also doing her thing, I love her work.

Q: So Vanessa, the fellaz across the world want to know: Single or Taken?

A: (laughs). Well believe it or not, I am actually Single.

Q: Really?? Do you feel it’s hard to date being a model?

A: (sighs). It is hard to date when you’re in the industry sometimes. Guys do tend to get intimidated; the attention I get can get to a guy. I think it’s hard for a guy to trust a girl in the game.

Q: So what type of guys do you like?

A: Hmmm, good question (smiles). I guess I’m looking for a guy who can just hold it down. I’m super-focused right now, I don’t need a guy holding me back, you know. A guy also has to have swag. We gotta compliment each others style. And I like a guy that’s confident. Not arrogant, but confident. I like a guy with a lil’ bit of hood in him. I don’t like hood guys, but I do like a guy who can rock a hoodie, sweats, and nice sneakers and still look fly.

Q: No doubt. So what are some of your Turn-on’s about the opposite sex?

A: Ahhhh, turn-on’s, let me see (smiles). I love lips, dimples, and tattoos; I’m a sucker for tats. A guy with a nice body is always a good look. Honestly I like ‘Guido’s’. (laughs) I love guys that look like Ronnie from ‘Jersey Shore’, I can’t lie.

Q: Ok, so what are some of your Turn-Off’s?

A: Ha-ha, Turn-off’s, where should I begin (laughs). I don’t like skinny dudes, I need a guy who’s bigger than me, something to grab onto, you know. A guy has to have his shoe game up; he has to have fresh kicks. I hate pigs, as in sloppy guys. I also don’t like jealous guys, at all (rolling eyes). That’s such a turn-off.

Q: So speaking of dating, what’s the Worst First Date you’ve ever been on?

A: Ha-ha, worst first date, oh Wow (giggles). Let’s see, the worst date I’ve ever had was about 2 years ago. I met this guy from one of my friends. Now everybody who knows me knows I love Applebee’s, or places like that. So this dude, he took me to Ruby Tuesday’s, which is also a good spot. So we’re there and we had an ok time. So eventually the bill came, and guess what, he didn’t have any cash on him. (Rolls eyes). So then he hit me with the “I don’t have my wallet on me” line, and guess what, I had to pay. Uggghhhhh, so lame. Not that I’m all about them money, but come on (laughs)

Tommy Gunz: Awww man. He hit you with the “I don’t have my wallet line” (laughing hysterically)

Vanessa: Yup! (laughs). Safe to say he didn’t get another date after that.

Q: So other than modeling, what other ventures would you like to get involved in?

A: I would love to do Reality TV in the future. But like entertaining Reality TV, not the fake stuff they have on TV. I don’t want to do anything involving drama. I also want to do some acting. And I wanna be a VJ too, do video countdowns and stuff like that. That would be hot! (Fist pumps).

Q: So what you advice to up-and-coming models trying to get into the game?

A: Hmmm, my advice would be, you have to have attitude and confidence. Men in the game can sometimes overpower a girl if given the oppurtunity, so you have to be strong. I won’t let anybody disrespect me; I’m very feisty and will not put up with any disrespect. You have to come mentally prepared. And of course believe in yourself. People used to tell me I wouldn’t make it modeling because I was too short. There’s a lot of competition in the game, sometimes a lot of chicks feel they might have to do something degrading to get on, but I’m not about that at all. I know I’m gonna make it, even if it takes me 4 or 5 years.

Q: That’s good advice. So let’s talk music. Who are you feeling musically right now? Who’s in your iPod?

A: I love The Weekend, he’s got some hot music. I’m also a big Nicki Minaj fan, and I like Drake too. Some reggaeton is cool, not a real big reggaeton fan, but some of it is cool. I’m also a big Rick Ross fan, and I love me some Chris Brown and Trey Songs (smiles).

Q: So who’s your Celebrity Crush?

A: Hmmmm (smiles). I would have to say my celebrity crush would be Chris Brown.

Q: So if you weren’t modeling, what do you think you’d be doing?

A: Let me see. Believe it or not, If I wasn’t modeling, I’d probably be doing ultrasound. Since I was young it always interested me.

Q: Wow, Ultrasound, that’s pretty random (laughs). So speaking of random, tell us a random fact about yourself that most people wouldn’t know.

A: Hmmmm a secret about myself (thinking). I got one: I’m addicted to hookah. I love it (laughs)

Q: Hookah, really? Well I’ll smoke hookah with you anyday (laughs). So are you more of a Party-head or a Homebody these days?

A: Honestly I’m more of a homebody than a party-head these days. I’ve been clubbin’ since I was a teenager. These days I like being at home more, just chilling, watching a movie or something. I also like hanging with my sister, I’m very close with her, she’s awesome!

Q: What’s 1 thing you can’t live without?

A: I can’t live without my chap-stick. (laughs). I carry chap-stick with me everywhere. Every 2 minutes I’m putting more on (laughs). Oh yeah and my phone, I can’t live without my phone either.

Q: I hear that. So what makes Vanessa feel extra sexy?

A: A nice pair of heels. Heels make me feel extra sexy. I love heels.

Q: And we love you in them (laughs). You’re a shorty, how tall are you?

A: Yes I am (laughs) I’m 4’11. Shhhhhhh (giggles)

Q: So what’s the Best part of being a Model?

A: The best part of the job is getting pretty; the make-up, getting my hair done, it’s like playing dress-up, I love it!

Q: So what’s the Worst part about being a Model?

A: The worst part of being a model is the photo-shoots, they can be sooooo tiring. The longest photo-shoot I did was 11 hours.

Tommy Gunz: 11 hours?? Wow that’s crazy! I don’t know what I would do if I had to look at you dressed sexy for 11 hours?? (Laughs)

Vanessa: (laughs). Yeah, OMG that was a long shoot.

Q: Ok, do you have any shoutouts before we go?

A: Yes! Shoutout first-and-foremost to God for making this all possible and Yaya, i miss you. Shoutout to Ana Segura, Jessica Marti, my manager Mike Collado, my sister Natasha, the whole lava Lounge where i work, they are my biggest supporters! Also Renato Latin Vybe and my baby’s the Mari Twins, and all my fans and supporters, I wouldn’t be close to my dream with them. and of coursenI wanna thank you and GoodFellaz TV for all the love!

For more on the “Bad Girl of the Month” Vanessa Ramirez, check her out online at:

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This month’s “Bad Girl of the Month” is the smokin’ hot Dariany Santana. Raised in Elizabeth, NJ, the Cuban beauty is a Model & Actress, and currently attends Kean University in NJ, where she is also the Senior Class President.

The college-educated bombshell Ms. Santana was recently featured in the New Wiz Khalifa “No Sleep” video, is currently the ONLY model from NJ in the “Maxim Hometown Hottie” competition, and is set to star in an upcoming film featuring some acting heavyweights.

Recently GoodFellaz TV’s own Tommy Gunz got a chance to sit down with the beautiful Ms. Santana over dinner (which she cooked) with her family, where we talked about everything: Modeling, Acting, being Senior Class President, her Turn-on’s, and more. Check out her exclusive interview below

Q: So I heard you got a big Acting project in the works. Tell us more about that?

A: Yesssss!! I do! I’m soooo excited. I’m going to be in this new film called “Gods Behaving Badly”. We actually started shooting already. There’s a lot of big dogs in the movie too. Rosie Perez, Oliver Platt, Sharon Stone. And Christopher Walken. It’s gonna be awesome.

Q: Wow, those are some big dogs indeed. How has the experience been so far? What’s your role in the film?

A: OMG, I am having sooooo much fun (fist pumps). My role? I play a sexy assistant. (Laughs).

Tommy Gunz: A sexy assistant, huh? I didn’t see that answer coming (laughs).

Dariany: (laughs) I known right? Yes, this my first major role. The movie is actually very cool, it’s about Greek Gods in modern day NYC. Very interesting.

Q: That does sound interesting. Speaking of being a “hot-chick-on-film”, I just saw you in the New Wiz Khalifa video as one of the main video girls. It looks like that video was a lot of fun. How was that experience?

A: Yessss, it was so much fun. I was a lead chick in his video, and I had a blast. It honestly felt like I  was getting paid to bugg out, I had so much fun. Wiz was real cool too!

Q: Dope! What else you got on your plate? I know you’re also the Senior Class President at Kean University too.

A: I have a lot on my plate, a lot of fun stuff in the works. I recently did a Puma campaign too. That’s big, like international big! And yes, I am also senior class president at Kean University. As a matter of fact I have a student council meeting coming up. I love my school!

Q: No doubt. So how old were you when you first started Modeling?

A: Let me see, I started modeling when I was 18. My first gig was for  “Model Latina”, my parents signed me up, I auditioned, and I was chosen to be among the finalists. They flew me to L.A. and everything. I ended up not making the final cut, but it was such a great experience for me. While I was there I started networking, and got more gigs from there.

Q: So the fellaz wanna know, Single or Taken??

A: I am soooo Single. Happily single. Honestly my career is starting to pop off, so I’m actually very happy, and I’m very focused. I definitely want to be single right now.

Q: So speaking of dating, what’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?

A: (laughs) Wanna hear something weird? I’ve actually haven’t really been on that many dates, real talk. Until recently I was in a relationship, and as weird as it sounds, we never really went out on dates that much.

Q: Really? That’s interesting. So what type of guys do you like?

A: Hmmm, good question. I’m definitely a “smile whore” (laughs). I like smiles. I like a guy who’s motivated, has some drive. A guy who can and who wants to make you better. He has to be tall, I’m 5’8 and I wear heels. We can’t be dancing and I’m booty-boppin’ ya head. (Laughs)

Q: That’s what’s up! So what are some of your Turn-Offs?

A: Turn-offs, hmmm, let me see (smiles). Definitely Cockiness. If you think you’re the shit, I automatically feel like it’s my job to bring you back to earth. (Laughs). I don’t like guys that are too judgmental. My other turn-offs, close-mindedness, short guys, guys with no personality or swag. I also don’t like guys who are not ethically and morally on the same page as me. Oh, and I don’t like guys who are picky about food (laughs). I also can not stand ‘hood-rat’ type of dudes. It’s unacceptable to deal with somebody who can’t speak intelligently.



Q: So do you really have a type? Hood dudes, Preppy dudes, does it matter?

A: Nahh, I really don’t have a type, I’m very picky. There has to be something special about you, something different, for me to really pay attention to a guy. As far as a ‘type’ goes, as long as their swag is up, it doesn’t matter.

Q: I can dig it! You strike me as a ‘heels’ type of chick, am I correct. Tell me about your shoe-game?

A: You know it (fist pump). I love heels. I’m always in heels. I feel that if you can already dominate in heels, you can take over anything! I live with my 5-inch stilettos on.

Q: So you’re currently in the running for the “Maxim ‘Home-town Hottie’ Competition right now, how has that whole experience been?

A: Yes, I submitted my photos online to Maxim, I am currently in the top 100, and I’m also the only girl from New Jersey, so go vote for me everybody (laughs). I want to bring a different light to Jersey, I’m not too happy with the whole “jersey shore” stereotype that Jerz is getting stuck with. I wanna show the rest of the country another side of New Jersey.

Q: No doubt, so who are you feeling musically right now?

A: Music-wise, I definitely feeling Pitbull (laughs). His music is always soooo happy, he always makes me wanna dance. He’s killin’ it right now with the club joints. I like house-music and anything you can dance too. I absolutely love reggaton. I went to a Wisin n Yandel concert not too long ago, and I lost it! I love happy music.

Q: Nice. What about hip-hop? You a hip-hop fan?

A: I do love hip hop too though. Jay-Z and Kanye (West) are two of my favorites. I’ve been hearing good things from Wale too. I’m waiting for a new artist to come out that’s the same caliber talent-wise as a Jay or  Kanye, somebody new.

Q: I see that you’re very proud of your Cuban heritage.

A: Yes I am!! (Throws her hands in the air). I love my culture. I am so freakin’ proud to be Cuban, I really feel like Cuba is my homeland. I  wish I could have met Celia Cruz, she was so awesome and inspiring. I Love my food, love my culture. I definitely want to go to Cuba one day.



Q: Awesome. So do you drink?

A: (Laughs) Not really. Since I  turned 21, I actually don’t drink that much. I don’t like being trashed.

Q: What’s the Best part of the job being a Model?

A: The best part would be that there is always a lot of FREE FOOD (laughing hysterically). Free food is awesome. And the food they have at most gigs is bangin! (Fist pumps). It’s the official shit too, catered and everything. Modeling is fun too, I love it. How many people can say they are doi’n what they always wanted to do. I feel like if my younger self, call her “Lil Dare”, were to see me now, she would be proud of me (laughs).

Q: What’s the Worst part of the job being a Model?

A: Ughhhh, I think having to wear make-up for a very long time. When we’re done with a shoot, I can’t wait to just wash my face (gags). Also if I’m shooting and I have to show my stomach, I can’t eat and that definitely sucks, because I love to eat (laughs)!!

Q: Are you more of a Party-head or Homebody?

A: Ummm, a little bit of Both. Definitely both. There are some nights I wanna stay home and watch a movie. But then when I am out at the club wit my girls, with a rockin’ DJ, and some Rosay around, I could stay forever.

Q: Who’s your Celebrity crush?

A: (laughing hysterically). Wow, my celebrity crush is actually a girl. I gotta say Mila Kuniz, she’s gorgeous. That’s the first person that popped in my head. And my guilty crush would have to be  Pauly-D (from “Jersey Shore”), I love his personality, and he has a great body (winks)

Q: Really, You & Mila Kuniz, now that sounds extra-sexy. Speaking of Sexy, what fashion accessory makes you feel extra sexy?

A: Hmmmm. I would say tight jeans, that show off my figure (wink). The kind of jeans that leave nothing to the imagination (laughs).


Q: What can’t you live without?

A: OMG, my iphone (Laughs). I have a huge love affair with my iphone. I definitely can’t live without it.

Q: So what is your major?

A: I am a communications major. I feel like with that degree, you can do just about anything.

Q: Ok, so last thing, give the readers some random facts about Dariany Santana, something we normally would never have known about you?

A: Hmmm, random facts about me, let’s see. (Giggles). Well I can’t ride a bike (laughs). Not at all. Just this week I got several job offers involving riding bikes, and I couldn’t do any of them. I’m just not good with wheels (laughs). Oh yeah, also I can fall asleep anywhere, anytime (laughs). Strange but true. What can I say, I’m a woman off many talents (laughing hysterically).

For more on the “Bad Girl of the Month” Dariany Santana, check her out online at:

This month’s “Bad Girl of the Month” is the smokin’ hot Tiffany Tattooz. The Puerto Rican beauty, who graduated from Montclair State University in NJ with an Arts degree, has been working at the world-famous “Riders Ink” Tattoo Shopin Newark, NJ for over 2 years. One of the most talked-about Tattoo Artist’s in the game, the super-sexy Tiffany Tattooz has acquired an exclusive clientele that spans from rappers to NFL players. Recently GoodFellaz TV’sown Tommy Gunz, Big A and  Kesha the Puerto Rican Barbie got a chance to sit down with the beautiful Ms. Tiffany, where we talked about everything: the Tattoo game, hip hop, her Turn-on’s, and more. Check out her exclusive interview below.

Q: So how did you get into the tattoo game?

A: It kind of just happened, I didn’t even plan to be a tattoo artist at first. When I was young my dad brought me a tattoo practice kit, and I just started to play around with it and practice. I was already going to school for art and I drew a lot, so it was just a natural progression.

Q: How old were you when you did your first official Tattoo?

A: I was around 21 or 22.

Q: Nice. So how many tattoos do you think you’ve done since then?

A: Wow, by now I’ve done hundreds of tats. Too many to count.

Q: To be a Tattoo artist, surprisingly we don’t see a lot of Tats on you. How many Tats do YOU have?

A: (laughs) So far I have 2 tats. I get that all the time actually. When it comes to me getting tats personally, it has to be something meaningful to me. I won’t just put anything on my body.

Q: Well, not only are you a true female hustla, you’re also smokin’ hot. So the fellaz across the world want to know, Single or Taken?

A: I’m Single !!! (laughing).

Big A: Wow, we don’t believe it. You’re running game on us now (laughing)

Tiffany: I’m soooooo serious (laughing)

Q: Ok, so being a professional tattoo artist, is it safe to say you will only date someone who has tattoos ?

A: Not necessarily. I would date somebody without tats, but sooner or later they are gonna have to let me tat them up though (laughing).

Q: Speaking of dating, what’s the worst 1st Date you’ve ever had?

A: Oh wow, (laughing), let me see. One time I went on a date to the movies with this guy, and come to find out he had NO money. So I had to end up paying for both of our tickets. And then he wanted to go to Applebees, so guess who ended up paying?? (rolling eyes)

Kesha: Girl are you serious?? That’s no bueno right there.

Tiffany: For real. Safe to say, he didn’t get a second date. (Laughing hysterically)

Q: What advice do you have for aspiring tattoo artists trying to get in the game?

A: Have a passion for it, definitely. You need to be a good artist, its hard to do tattoos if you can’t draw (laughing). Build your portfolio. Word of mouth is important. Being a Tattoo artist is not for everybody.

Q: In the Tattoo game, what’s hot right now?

A: 3-D tats are hot, realistic looking tats are always hot, tats with a lot of details.


Q: How long does it take you to do a Tattoo usually?

A: A Tat usually takes me about 2 hours, depending on the coloring and details. I usually do between 1 and 4 tats a day, depending on how detailed they are.

Q: Music-wise, who are you feeling right now?

A: Hip-hop wise, I like the classic era of hip-hop. I like Nas, Joe Buddens, Jay-Z, a lot of old school. New schools artists, I’m diggin’ Wiz Khalifa (winks).

Q: Being that you’re Puerto Rican, are you into reggaeton?

A: Honestly not really. All the beats sound the same to me (laughing)

Q: What’s your sign?

A: I’m an Aries baby!!


Q: Ok Ms. Aries! (laughs). So what are some of your Turn-on’s regarding the opposite sex?

A: I like guys with tats, a nice smile, somebody who can make me laugh, confident, can dress, and a gentleman. Of course he has to be taller than her (laughing). Also I like a guy with ambition, somebody who’s fun, and entertaining, because I get bored easily.

Q: Ok. So what are some of your Turn-Off’s?

A: Turn-offs, hmm, let me see. Dudes rockin’ grills, durags, and dirty white-tees with yellow sweat stains by their armpits. (Laughing). Also people who don’t tip.(Laughs). I don’t like guys who approach me and are too ghetto. Oh yeah, and broke dudes. (Laughing hysterically)

Tommy Gunz: Good thing I left my grillz and durag at the crib (laughing)

Tiffany: Good thing, or I would have had jokes on you (laughing)

Q: So back to the Tattoo game. How is it being a female in a typically male-dominated industry?

A: Well actually being a female in the tattoo industry is a good thing for me. I kind of stand-out because there’s so many dudes in the game, and I have totally different look from the majority of other tattoo artists. The only thing I would say is that sometimes I feel like I might have to prove myself, because some people might sleep on my skills since I’m not all tatted-up myself.

Q: Is there a lot of money in the Tattoo game?

A: Yes actually there is a lot of money in the game if you’re reputable, and good at what you do, and if you have a spot in the right location.

Q: What’s the Best part about your job?

A: I Love the environment. I got my music playing and I get to do something that I enjoy. I love interacting with the customers.

Q: What’s the Worst part of your job?

A: Ughhhh, I hate people who haggle over prices (rolling eyes). I  put a lot of passion into my work, and it’s sooo annoying to have somebody haggle with you over a couple of dollars.

Q: Are you a Party-head or Home-body?

A: Haha, I’m definitely a Party-head, but I have a little bit of home-body in me as well. I’m not gonna lie though, I love to party.

Q: What makes Tiffany feel extra-Sexy??

A: Good question. I Feel extra sexy when my hair is on point (smiling).


Q: What can’t you live without?

A: I can’t live without food. (laughing). I eat like a man, I love food, I can’t even lie.

Q: Really? You like to eat, so can you cook?

A: No (laughing). Well actually I’m so busy I just don’t have a lot of time.

Q: Fashion wise, what’s NOT a good look for the ladies in 2011?

A: Oh wow, (laughing)..Let me see. Chinese slippers are not a good look. And butterfly-clips in the hair are definitely no bueno as well.

Q: Who is your Celebrity Crush?

A: (smiling) Hmmm… Wiz Khalifa.

Q: We saw pics from a recent photo-shoot and you were looking super-sexy. Would you ever consider doing some modeling?

A: Yeah, sure, that’s something I might consider doing. I like taking pics (smiling).

Q: What are your other goals for the future?

A: I want to be the official Tattoo Artist for all the celebrities. I just want to continue to establish my brand and get my name out there. Eventually I wants to open up my own tattoo shop as well (wink).

For more on the “Bad Girl of the Month” Tiffany Tattooz, check her out online at:

This month’s “Bad Girl of the Month” is English bombshell Heaven Leigh. Hailing from the United Kingdom, this beautiful and talented  model has been shuttin’ down fashion-shows through-out England, and has a huge internet following that reaches all the way across the Atlantic Ocean. Indeed, with the perfect measurements of 34-26-44, the British beauty might be the most poppin’ thing to come out of the United Kingdom since tea and crumpets! Lol

Recently ya boy Tommy Gunz got a chance to sit-down with the lovely Ms. Heaven Leigh, and we talked about everything. Check out the interview below

Q: So how long have you been modeling professionally?

A: I’ve been modeling professionally for 7 months.

Q: How did you get into the modeling game?

A: I used to always get asked if I was a model; on the street and via facebook. So I decided to take it up professionally when I was approached by candymaguk.

Q: Fashion-wise, what’s hot in the UK right now?

A: Play-suits are hot right now in the UK and I’m glad, because they suit my its my time right now (giggles)!

Q: Who’s swag are you feeling more, British guys or American?

A: British guys, they have a more tailored look than in the States. Americans have their clothes baggier.

Q: Have you ever been to the US?

A: Yes, I’ve visited Florida

Q: So the fellaz wanna know, what are some of Heaven Leigh’s Turn-On’s?

A: Straight white teeth, well kept appearance and smelling sweet!

Q: What are your Turn-Offs ??

A:  A guy with braids.

Tommy Gunz: (laughing) That’s too funny!

Heaven Leigh: (laughing hysterically)

Q: What are some of the difficulties of being a female in the industry?

A: People thinking that I am a soft touch and silly. Not realizing that this is a career-in-the-making and that I’m very business-minded.

Q: What’s the Best Part of your job?

A: Interacting with people who support what I do.


Q: Worst Part of the job?

A: People not viewing glamour modeling as a viable career.

Q: Recently the “Royal Wedding” was all over the news out here in the US. What did you think about the “Royal Wedding” being from the UK? Was it a big deal to you?

A: I thought it was fabulous and it was a big deal to the most of the U.K. I thought that her dress was amazing!

Q: Is Ms. Heaven Leigh a Party-girl or Home-body?

A: I’m a bit of both, I do like to party, however I do like to stay at home as well and host dinner parties and bbq’s!

Q: What is your advice to aspiring models trying to get in the game?

A: Have a plan and stick to it, also have a strong team behind you so that you can focus on the modeling!

Q: The world wants to know, are you Single or Taken?

A: Single (winks)

Q: Is it hard to date, being a model?

A: Hard to date?! No Way! It’s only hard to date men who do not turn out to be psychopaths (laughs).

Q: A woman’s sexiest feature is her….. ?

A: Her Aura, vibe, presence, whatever you want to call it. It’s just what she does to a room when she walks in!

Q: How important is Sex in a relationship?

A: It is quite important in relationships, but it is not the be- all-and-end-all of a relationship. Companionship is more important, enjoying each others company and having fun!


Q: What makes you feel extra sexy?

A: I always feel sexy in my black patent 6 inch heels!

Q: What can’t you live without?

A: Well I would say oxygen like any other human being (laughs), but seriously I would have to say my two children.

Tommy Gunz: Wow, allow me to add that you look amazing to have had 2 kids by the way.

Heaven Leigh: (giggles) Why thank you.


Q: What do you think about American fashion? What are you feeling or not feeling about fashion in the States?

A: I love American fashion. I love Jordan’s, but the heeled ones for females are vile!

Q: Other than modeling, what other ventures would you like to get involved in?

A: Acting, model management, clothing design, (having my own) perfume. I’m aiming to be a brand, so everything falls into that bracket, I’m multi-talented and I know it. I’m going to put those talents into practice. When opportunity  knocks, Heaven Leigh answers (giggles).

Q: What current projects you are working on?

A: Your going to have to stay tuned (winks)!

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This month’s “Bad Girl of the Month” is Model/ Radio Personality Jessenia Vice. Originally from Newark, NJ, the beautiful and talented Ms. Jessenia Vice was recently crowned “Miss Apple Bottom 2011”, making her the face (and apple-bottom…lol) of Nelly’s mega-successful female clothing-line. When she not raising temperatures as a super-hot nurse at her day job in the emergency room, the Ecuadorian beauty has been taking the modeling world by storm, appearing in numerous print & online publications including King Magazine,, as well appearing in several videos from such hip hop heavyweights as Fabolous, Fat Joe and 50 Cent.

Jessenia Vice is not your typical model. She loves her day-job. She didn’t even have a manager until recently, choosing to book her own features and gigs instead. She also is the host of the popular “Vice City Radio” on A-List Radio in NYC, where she talks about everything from music to her numerous modeling adventures. Recently ya boy Tommy Gunz got a chance to sit-down with Ms. Vice, and we talked about everything. Check out the interview below.

Q: How long have you been modeling?

A: This August will make 3 years since I started modeling.

Q: How did you start modeling?

A: I really never intended to become a model.  I had some pics on my Myspace page back when Myspace was still popular.  From there different photographers approached me about getting into modeling. At first it was all for fun, and then after the response I got, I decided to give it a try.

Q: What are some of the difficulties of being a female in the industry?

A: Hmmm, let me see. I can say there is a lot of politics involved in the game. There’s a lot of pressure to be controversial or to do controversial things. A lot of woman will do just about anything to become a model, no matter how degrading. And sometimes that makes other in the profession look bad. It was definitely a struggle at first, and of course you always have guys who want to date you or sleep with you instead of keeping it strictly professional. Luckily I’ve been blessed to have a lot of male friends in the game who look at me like their little sister, and are very protective over me.


Q: What’s the Best Part of your job?

A: I love working with a lot of upcoming talent, not just music related but all types of artists. It’s great to see other come up in the game, and be creative.

Q: Worst part of the job?

A: The lack of appreciation. I work very hard; some people think modeling is easy. Some models put the fun before work, but I take my craft very seriously.

Q: Not only are you a model, you’re also a nurse in the ER? How do you like that job?

A: I love my other job. I love helping people. Besides the modeling, I am a full time nurse, and I work in the psychiatric field. And being in the psychiatric side of things, I absolutely enjoy helped them come out of whatever struggles they may be going thru. The medical field was originally what I wanted to do in life; the modeling just came out of nowhere.

Q: Party-girl or home-body?

A: (laughs) I’m such a home-body. I definitely rather be chilling at home or catching up on some sleep. The only time I really go out is for work, I am not a club head at all.

Q: What is your advice to aspiring models trying to get in the game?

A: Always have something to fall back on. Never take the “easy” way route, as in trying to hook up with somebody famous just to get put on. Be prepared to work hard. Always think long-term. Taking naked pics, sex-tapes, is usually not a good idea, because it will come back to haunt you. And be smart, finish school.

Q: The world wants to know, single or taken?

A: Ummm, single (laughs)

Q: Is it hard to date being a model?

A: Yes it is hard to date, for a while I was in an “on-again, off-again” relationship. It’s definitely tough dating sometimes. Some guys look at you like a celebrity, or assume I’m already dating. And then some guys have jealousy issues.

Q: How did you get into the Radio game? How long?

A: I’ve co-hosted a couple of radio shows previously for fun, and then just decided “why not have my own show?”. The owner of A-List radio gave me the opportunity to have my own show, “Vice City Radio”, and I’ve been doing it for about 2 months now. Shoutout to DJ Prostyle for also helping me out also.

Q: How does it feel to be chosen as “Ms. Apple Bottom” 2011? You’re the, ummm, face of the clothing line, that’s a big honor.

A: Honestly, I didn’t even expect to be chosen at all. At first, I just submitted my video just to do it. My boy was even joking with me that my butt wasn’t big enough (laughs).  So I was entered in the contest as a “wild card”, and I guess Nelly liked what he saw because somehow the “wild card” won.

Q: It must have been pretty cool to meet Nelly.

A: Nelly was amazing to meet. He’s very humble, he’s definitely a gentleman. My mom was with me when I met him, and the first thing he did was compliment her on her hair, which is always a good move (laughs).

Q: What current projects you are working on?

A: I’m starting to get involved with acting, which is very exciting. Right now I’m focusing more on film and magazines. Not really trying to do music videos at the moment. I have some things in the works with Mun2, King Magazine,, and of course, “Vice City Radio”.

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