“Bad Girl of the Month” Interview With Heaven Leigh

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Showcasing talented females doing their thing in the industry, each month the GoodFellaz pick the “Bad Girl of the Month”. Featuring Models, TV/ Radio Personalities, Actresses & Female Entrepreneurs, the “Bad Girl of the Month” is a combination of Beauty, Brains & Hustle.

This month’s “Bad Girl of the Month” is English bombshell Heaven Leigh. Hailing from the United Kingdom, this beautiful and talented  model has been shuttin’ down fashion-shows through-out England, and has a huge internet following that reaches all the way across the Atlantic Ocean. Indeed, with the perfect measurements of 34-26-44, the British beauty might be the most poppin’ thing to come out of the United Kingdom since tea and crumpets! Lol

Recently ya boy Tommy Gunz got a chance to sit-down with the lovely Ms. Heaven Leigh, and we talked about everything. Check out the interview below

Q: So how long have you been modeling professionally? 

A: I’ve been modeling professionally for 7 months.

Q: How did you get into the modeling game?           

A: I used to always get asked if I was a model; on the street and via facebook. So I decided to take it up professionally when I was approached by candymaguk.

Q: Fashion-wise, what’s hot in the UK right now?

A: Play-suits are hot right now in the UK and I’m glad, because they suit my shape..so its my time right now (giggles)!

Q: Who’s swag are you feeling more, British guys or American?

A: British guys, they have a more tailored look than in the States. Americans have their clothes baggier.

Q: Have you ever been to the US? 

A: Yes, I’ve visited Florida

Q: So the fellaz wanna know, what are some of Heaven Leigh’s Turn-On’s?

A: Straight white teeth, well kept appearance and smelling sweet!

Q: What are your Turn-Offs ??

A:  A guy with braids.

Tommy Gunz: (laughing) That’s too funny!

Heaven Leigh: (laughing hysterically)

Q: What are some of the difficulties of being a female in the industry?

A: People thinking that I am a soft touch and silly. Not realizing that this is a career-in-the-making and that I’m very business-minded.

Q: What’s the Best Part of your job?

A: Interacting with people who support what I do.

Q: Worst Part of the job?

A: People not viewing glamour modeling as a viable career.

Q: Recently the “Royal Wedding” was all over the news out here in the US. What did you think about the “Royal Wedding” being from the UK? Was it a big deal to you?

A: I thought it was fabulous and it was a big deal to the most of the U.K. I thought that her dress was amazing!

Q: Is Ms. Heaven Leigh a Party-girl or Home-body? 

A: I’m a bit of both, I do like to party, however I do like to stay at home as well and host dinner parties and bbq’s!

Q: What is your advice to aspiring models trying to get in the game?

A: Have a plan and stick to it, also have a strong team behind you so that you can focus on the modeling!

Q: The world wants to know, are you Single or Taken?

A: Single (winks)

Q: Is it hard to date, being a model?

A: Hard to date?! No Way! It’s only hard to date men who do not turn out to be psychopaths (laughs).

Q: A woman’s sexiest feature is her….. ?

A: Her Aura, vibe, presence, whatever you want to call it. It’s just what she does to a room when she walks in!

Q: How important is Sex in a relationship?

A: It is quite important in relationships, but it is not the be- all-and-end-all of a relationship. Companionship is more important, enjoying each others company and having fun!

Q: What makes you feel extra sexy?

A: I always feel sexy in my black patent 6 inch heels!

Q: What can’t you live without?

A: Well I would say oxygen like any other human being (laughs), but seriously I would have to say my two children.

Tommy Gunz: Wow, allow me to add that you look amazing to have had 2 kids by the way.

Heaven Leigh: (giggles) Why thank you.

Q: What do you think about American fashion? What are you feeling or not feeling about fashion in the States?

A: I love American fashion. I love Jordan’s, but the heeled ones for females are vile!

Q: Other than modeling, what other ventures would you like to get involved in?

A: Acting, model management, clothing design, (having my own) perfume. I’m aiming to be a brand, so everything falls into that bracket, I’m multi-talented and I know it. I’m going to put those talents into practice. When opportunity  knocks, Heaven Leigh answers (giggles).

Q: What current projects you are working on?

A: Your going to have to stay tuned (winks)!

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