Being A DJ Rated ‘6th Worst Profession Of 2017’

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Being A DJ Rated ‘6th Worst Profession Of 2017’

-GoodFellaz TV Staff

As if ‘mumble rap’, celebrities-turned-DJ’s stealing gigs, and DJs who spin for $50-a-night weren’t enough, there’s more bad news for the Disc Jockey profession. According to a recent list of the ‘10 Worst Jobs of 2017′, being a DJ is the 6th worst profession out there these days. Sheeesh…..

For its 29th Annual Jobs Report, the website ranked 200 jobs based on four criteria: Environment, Income, Outlook, and Stress. Environment takes into account both physical and emotional factors, and the average number of hours worked each week; income considers mid-level salary and growth potential; outlook measures potential for employment growth and income growth, as well as unemployment rates; and stress takes into account 11 different factors including travel, deadlines, and interaction with the public.

According to, the Disc Jockey game continues to have a poor hiring outlook with a Projected Growth of -11%; and an additional 10% decline is anticipated by 2024. Station consolidation, computerized playlists, and DJ syndication have all negatively impacted this profession. And let’s not even discuss those so-called DJ’s who play music off their iPod’s these days, or those who devalue the craft by charging $50 a night to spin for 6 hours, smh.

Because of the poor employment outlook combined with low annual wages (average salary for a DJ is estimated around $30,830), being a DJ was scored as one of the worst jobs of 2017. According to, spinning records was slightly better than working in the Pest Control industry, and a little worse than being an Advertising Sales Person.

Overall being a Newspaper Reporter was ranked as the #1 worst profession for the third year in a row, and Enlisted Military Personnel and working for the Fire Department were also considered bad gigs as well, thanks in part to their high-stress and poor work environment scores.

Of course not all DJ’s are struggling. Big-name EDM DJ’s including Calvin Harris ($66 million) and David Guetta ($30 million) made serious money last year, and Hip Hop disc jockeys including DJ Khaled ($8 million in 2016) and DJ Funkmaster Flex (Net Worth: $14 million) continue to rake in the dough with their various ventures as well.

Checkout the complete list below, courtesy of

Worst Jobs Of 2017

1. Newspaper Reporter
Median Salary: $37,820
Projected Growth: -8.00%

2. Broadcaster
Median Salary: $38,870
Projected Growth: -9.00%

3. Logger
Median Salary: $37,590
Projected Growth: -4.00%

4. Enlisted Military Personnel
Median Salary: $27,936
Projected Growth: 0.00%

5. Pest Control Worker
Median Salary: $33,040
Projected Growth: -1.00%

6. Disc Jockey
Median Salary: $30,830
Projected Growth: -11.00%

7. Advertising Sales Person
Median Salary: $50,380
Projected Growth: -3.00%

8. Firefighter
Median Salary: $48,030
Projected Growth: 5.00%

9. Retail Salesperson
Median Salary: $22,900
Projected Growth: 7.00%

10. Taxi Driver
Median Salary: $24,300
Projected Growth: 13.00%


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