CC Creams vs BB Creams?! #GFTV Ladies Fashion Alert

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– Written by Jessica Marti

First were the BB creams and now hitting the Beauty market in the States are the CC creams. So what are these CC creams, aside from color correcting with out a dermatologist…they holder a lighter finish then their predecessors that have held the throne for the last two years. It’s your beloved BB cream, just better and stronger, lighter. CC creams have been popular in Asia for quite some time, it’s what one can refer to as “healthy makeup” our dreams come do true. It’s part of your skin care regimen and makeup all in one. Think hydration, priming, a light tint and SPF. These creams will help to even out your skin tone over a period of time and help with redness, texture, oil control and brightness with continued usage. How’s that for a face cocktail? There isn’t a grand selection in the American market, however these brands are up to speed. Chanel, Clinique, Lorac, Smashbox, Julep, Peter Thomas Roth, Juice Beauty Please note that Stila has been ahead of the game, their BB cream is actually a BB and a CC cream, also water resistant for these upcoming summer months.




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