Chris Brown Vs Drake Beef Continues

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Chris Brown Vs Drake Beef Continues

-Written By Big”A” ( @Ahdayar )

It seems the Beef with Chris Brown & Drake is far from over. The Beef all started over Rihanna, and now seems to be getting very personal between Chris Brown and Drake .  The new chapter of this beef stem’s from the current track Chris Brown dropped recently In titled ” I Don’t Like-Remix ” which is a Chief Keef Track with Features from Kanye West, 2 Chainz , The Game, Jadakiss, & Big Sean. Chris Brown openly directly his words towards Drake , Brown  is the second featured on the Chief Keef Remix quoted saying …

A fuck nigga, that’s that shit I don’t like
They throwin’ bottles, I’m throwin’ models, just ’cause I give a bitch long pipe
Doing shows on the soccer field
That’s dome right? I be singin’, he be singin’, so it’s on, sight
But hold up, I ain’t give a nigga no green light
This head up, my bread up, one-on-one, what you scared, bruh?
Matter fact, take care bruh, you a pussy nigga
My nigga Tunechi, yeah that nigga nice
Shout out to Nicki, man that ass tight
Them eyebrows, man, them shits is yikes
OVO, you overdosed, screamin’ YOLO no, I live twice



Chris Brown – I Dont Like Remix ( Drake Diss )

[audio:|titles=Chris Brown – I Don’t Like (Remix) [Drake Diss]

Here’s the Reaction From Big Sean & Meek Mill from an Interview with Miss Info

Below are some shots from the aftermath of the Fight between Chris Brown and Drake. 


Chris Brown’s Tweets right after the Fight


Chris Brown’s Chin which appears to be Chipped up  & A Security Guard injured

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