Promoters, Bigger Isn’t Always Better! #ThoughtsFromTheDJBooth By DJ Doughboy

admin July 30, 2014 Comments Off on Promoters, Bigger Isn’t Always Better! #ThoughtsFromTheDJBooth By DJ Doughboy

– Written by DJ Doughboy

Promoters: Let me put you on something you may not know. You don’t have it like that. Your promotion game isn’t that strong. So the larger the room, the higher the possibility you’re going to take an L. You’re good for a strong 100-200 people on a good day. If you put 150 in a room that fits 400 you’re going to kill yourself. You could drive a car on the dance floor and not hit anyone. And everyone is going to say your party was wack. So get you a room that holds 150 and RAM IT. People have a thing for being turned away or waiting in line forever because it’s packed. They like it. I don’t know why. But it is what it is. So stop trying to get the biggest room to throw a party. In this game bigger isn’t always better.

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