“Raid Redemption” #GFTV Movie Review: An Ecclectic Perspective

admin April 20, 2012 Comments Off on “Raid Redemption” #GFTV Movie Review: An Ecclectic Perspective


– Written by D. Noble

S’up folks, I know its been a while since my last review. Guess I haven’t really seen anything lately that’s moved me to write a review. That is, until now.

Dude, this movie kicks a@&…lol..forgive the expression but I haven’t seen an action flick like this in a long time. This is pure martial arts, high adrenaline awesomeness..lol

The story is very basic and the poster pretty much sums it up. A group of police assault a 30 floor building to take out a ruthless drug lord..Floor by Floor..The fight scenes are fantastic, the gritty camera work does a great job emphasizing the action and it’s pretty much dudes catching L’s in a variety of comical ways.

So yea, get the fellaz, grab a beer and see this movie. You won’t regret it

I give this movie4 outta 5 TV’s (HOT!!)

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