SoundScan Charts Breakdown Report By Dave House: 2/26/13 #GFTV Industry #411

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SoundScan Charts Breakdown Report By Dave House: 2/26/13 #GFTV Industry #411

Very slow week in retail sales when the #1 of the Top 200 Soundscan sells less than 75K. A few nostalgic titles re-appear on the top 200 that may wouldn’t normally appear had sales been up this week from last year.



 SoundScan Breakdown Report


1. Mumford & Sons “Babel”

Total: 1.9 MIL
This Week: 63K

Picked up Best British Group Award @ the Brit Awards last week.


2. Bruno Mars “Unorthodox JukeBox”

Total: 865K
This Week: 48K

Moonshine Jungle Tour in 2013, Currently has 2 titles ranked inside the Top 20 on both Crossover Rhythmic & Top 40 Panels.


3. Various “2013 Grammy Nominees”

Total: 220K
This Week: 30K


4. Taylor Swift “RED”

Total: 3.4 MIL
This Week: 28K

5 Nominations for 48th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards.


15. Rihanna “Unapologetic”

Total: 749K
This Week: 29K

“Stay” is most played record so far this week on the Top 40.


14. Adele “21”

Total: 10.4 MIL
This Week: 23K

Performed “Skyfall” for the 1st time in this week’s Oscars.


18. Alicia Keys “Girl On Fire”

Total: 585K
This Week: 20K

On tour with the Blackberry 10 next week in less than 2 weeks.


30. Kendrick Lamar “Good Kid MAAD City”

Total: 745K
This Week: 15K

Top #3 Record on Urban w/ “Poetic Justice”. “Poetic Justice” is also the 2nd most played record ranked inside the Top 10 on Crossover Rhythmic.


32. A$AP Rocky “Long. Live. A$AP”

Total: 259K
This Week: 14K

“F**king Problems” is a Top 2 record on Urban & inside the Top 5 on Crossover Rhythmic.


43. TI “Trouble Man”

Total: 400K
This Week: 11K

New Record with Cee-Lo has Impacted Urban Radio.


44. Charlie Wilson “Charlie, Love”

Total: 90K
This Week: 11K

#1 Record on Urban AC.


45. Miguel “Kaleidescope Dream”

Total: 332K
This Week: 11K

Currently Touring in South Africa.


52. The Weeknd “Trilogy”

Total: 270K
This Week: 9K

Released new Music w/ Juicy J “One Of Those Nights”.


56. Justin Beiber “Believe”

Total: 1.4 MIL
This Week: 8K

New record “Right Here” ranked inside the Top 30.


60. 2 Chainz “Based on a True Story”

Total: 543K
This Week: 10K

Just announced at the 9 Mile Music Fest in Key Biscayne, FL on March 2.


62. Beyonce “4”

Total: 1.3 MIL
This Week: 7K

2 album titles inside the Top 200 Soundscan.


63. Keyshia Cole “Woman to Woman”

Total: 297K
This Week: 7K

Tour kicks off March 28 in Westbury Theater in New York.


65. Wiz Khalifa “O.N.I.F.C”

Total: 330K
This Week: 7K

New record with Problem & IamSu currently at Urban Mixshow.


67. Frank Ocean “Channel Orange”

Total: 515K
This Week: 7K

“Thinkin’ About You” currently ranked inside the Top 20 on Urban AC.


70. Joe Budden “No Love Lost”

Total: 47K
This Week: 6K


71. Michael Jackson “Thriller”

Total: 6.2 MIL
This Week: 6K

80. Bob Marley & The Wailers “Legend”

Total: 11.2 MIL
This Week: 5K


85. Chief Keef “Finally Rich”

Total: 134K
This Week: 5K


89. Future “Pluto”

Total: 281K
This Week: 5K

New Title “Karate Chop” impacting Urban Mixshow.


90. Avant “Face the Music”

Total: 27K
This Week: 4K

Top 5 Record on Urban AC.


99. Game “Jesus Piece”

Total : 201K
This Week 4K

New Title “All That” impacting Urban Mixshow.


100. Trey Songz “Chapter V”

Total: 343K
This Week: 4K

New title “Fumble” ranked inside the Urban Top 20.


102. Drake “Take Care”

Total: 1.9 MIL
This Week: 4K

New title “Started from the Bottom” is one of the most played record on both Urban & Crossover Rhythmic formats


103. Trinidad James “Don’t Be S.A.F.E.”

Total: 11K
This Week: 4K

“All Gold Everything” is ranked inside the Top 10 on Urban.


114. Usher “Confessions”

Total: 10 MIL
This Week: 4K


138. Nicki Minaj “Pink Friday Roman Reloaded”

Total: 819K
This Week: 3K


146. Eminem “Recovery”

Total: 4.4 MIL
This Week: 3K


151. Ne Yo “RED”

Total: 222K
This Week: 3K


153. Meek Mill “Dreams & Nightmares”

Total: 382K
This Week: 3K

“Dreams Come True” Tour Coming Soon.


158. Rihanna “Loud”

Total: 1.7 MIL
This Week: 3K


173. Chris Brown “Fortune”

Total: 430K
This Week: 3K


176. TLC “Crazy Sexy Cool”

Total: 7.4 MIL
This Week: 3K

Increase in sales this week due to Clive Davis book?


182. Justin Timberlake “Future Sex/Love Sounds”

Total: 4.4 MIL
This Week: 3K

Upcoming Tour with Jay Z coming soon.


183. Beyonce “I Am…. Sasha Fierce”

Total: 3 MIL
This Week: 3K


195. Pink Floyd “Dark Side of the Moon”

Total: 9.4MIL
This Week: 3K


197. Beastie Boys “License to Ill”

Total: 5.7 MIL
This Week: 3K


199. Usher “Confessions”

Total: 10 MIL
Increase: 23%
This Week: 3K



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