The Mari Twins: #GFTV “Bad Girls of the Month”

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Showcasing talented females doing their thing in the industry, each month the GoodFellaz pick the “Bad Girl of the Month”. Featuring Models, TV/ Radio Personalities, Actresses & Female Entrepreneurs, the “Bad Girl of the Month” is a combination of Beauty, Brains & Hustle.

This month we have 2 Bad Girls for the price of one, as this months “Bad Girls of the Month” are the beautiful and talented Mari Twins.  The smokin’ hot twin fashionistas have been doing their thing throughout the Tri-State, from hosting fashion-shows and doing events for charity, to hosting their own radio show on the popular station ClubZone.FM

Recently GoodFellaz TV’s own Tommy Gunz  got a chance to sit down with the Mari Twins, Maribel & Marisol, while smoking hookah at the popular Lava Hookah Lounge, where we talked about everything: Their love of fashion and radio, having birthdays on Halloween, the beaches of Spain, and their plans for fashion-world domination. The interview was quite interesting, as the twins would often finish each others sentences, many times answering questions together. Check out their exclusive interview below on GoodFellaz TV.

Q: So how long have you guys been in the fashion game?

A: Well it started as fun, but we really started taking the ‘fashion-thing’ serious about a year-and-a-half ago. Originally we started hosting parties and modeling, and kept going from there.

Q: You guys also have a popular radio show on ClubZone.FM in NJ, tell us more about that?

A: Yes, we have our radio show “The Fashion Patrol w/ The Mari Twins” on Sundays from 6-8 PM. We talk about fashion of course, as well as whatever’s happening at the moment. We started doing our show at Clubzone.FM about a year ago.

Q: You guys have a very exotic look. What’s your nationality?

A: Thank you (smiles). We are Ecuadorian and Spanish, but Spanish as in from Spain, so I guess that would mean we’re Spainaird (laughs).

Tommy Gunz: Wow, that is definitely an exotic mix. Have you ever been to Spain before?

Marisol: Yes we have, it’s so beautiful over there. The beaches there are amazing.

Tommy Gunz: Wow I can imagine. You guys must love to travel.

Maribel: Yes, we love to travel. We love Vegas and Miami. We were just in Miami not too long ago.

Q: So you guys do a lot of events across the Tri-State area, can you tell us more about that?

A: Yes, well we have done a lot of different events over the last year-and-a-half. We’ve done a bunch of Fashion-shows, some of the events have been for charity; we’ve also done ‘toy-drives’ and other things for the community as well. We also host and model in events as well, and we work with iVive H2O Tu Obsesion Hispana as well.

Q: Now I heard a rumor that your birthday’s are on Halloween, is this true?

A (Marisol): (smiles). Yup, our birthday’s are on halloween!

Q: Wow, that’s gotta be pretty cool. So did you guys dress up for your birthday?

A: Of course, we always dress up. We were Wonder-Woman and Poison Ivy for Halloween this year.

Tommy Gunz: Wow, I would love to have seen those costumes. I’m sure you guys were looking extra good!

A: Yeah our costumes were hot (fist pumps)!

Q: Where did you guys go to College?

A: Kean University baby (smiles)! We’re both Kean University alumni.

Q: Nice! So what advice do you have for other people looking to get in the Fashion industry?

A (Maribel): Umm, well I guess it might sound a little cliched, but I would say work hard, stay focused, follow your dreams, and don’t give up.

Tommy Gunz: Well you guys are always very fashionable, it’s apparent that you guys love what you do.

Marisol: Yes! We do enjoy what we do very much.

Q: Tell us a fun fact about you guys that most people wouldn’t know?

A (Maribel): Hmmmm a fun fact. Well Marisol is a minute older. And she took my ‘drivers test’ for me (laughs). Shhhhhhh.

Q: What’s your guys favorite thing about what you do?

A: Our favorite part would probably be meeting people and helping people. Just the other day we randomly ended up on the “Wendy Williams Show”. We’ve done all types of events other than fashion, which is very cool. We’ve helped out with different charity organizations; we just did something recently with Bone Marrow awareness, we even helped send christmas trees to the troops over-seas. It’s all very rewarding.

Q: Well football season just ended, so let’s talk sports for a minute. Are you guys sports fans? What sport?

 A (Maribel): Well honestly I’m not really a big football fan. I did want the Giants to win though (smiles). We’re more into the Worldcup and Eurocup than the Super-Bowl. We like Boxing too.

Q: Boxing, really? What do you guys know about boxing? (laughs). Who are your favorite boxers?

A (Marisol): We know a little something about boxing (laughs). I would say our favorite boxers would be Cotto, Pacquio, and of course Artoro Gotti.

Q: We know you guys love fashion and modeling. What DON’T you guys like about the ‘fashion-game’?

A: Honestly, all our experiences have be positive so far, so we can’t really complain. If anything, I guess the only bad thing would be that the fashion industry is definitely a very competitive field. There’s A LOT of competition.

Q: Well you ladies are definitely smokin’ hot, plus you’re twins. So the fellaz across the world want to know: Single or Taken?

A: Oh boy. Well you could say that we’re both single (laughing). Something like that anyway (winks).

Q: Is it difficult to date for you guys, being that you’re always so busy?

A: Hmmm, I guess you could say that, it can be kind of hard sometime because we are always so busy with work and everything else that we do.

Q: So speaking of dating, what type of dudes do you guys like?

A: We like ‘Go-getters’. A guy has to be ambitious, he has to have a good fashion sense, and must be career-minded.  He has to be understanding and definitely funny; he has to make us laugh. He has to be spanish too; he has to be able to speak spanish (laughs).

Q: I hear that. Have you guys ever ‘double-dated’ before, being twins and all.

A: Yes we have, a couple of times! We’ve even pretended to be each other before. Shhhhhh (laughs).

Q: I gotta hear that story one day. So let’s talk music for a minute. Who do you guys like musically right now?

A (Maribel):  We like a little bit of everything. Rihanna, Black Eyed Peas, Pitbull. Love some Wisin y Yandel, and a lot of spanish music in general. We like some hip hop too. Drake is hot!

Q: So being the fashionistas that you are, let us know: what’s hot for the ladies right now, fashion-wise ?

A: Hmmm. What’s hot for the ladies right now? Well ladies have to have a scarf; scarves are always fashinable. Your accessories always have to be on point. The boots as well also have to be on point, as well as the platforms. Basically whatever a woman wears, it has to be fun. It has to be comfortable. You have to feel sexy in it. And of course, a nice pair of heels is always mandatory.

Tommy Gunz: Gotta have the heels on point, I can dig it. I know your ‘shoe-game’ is off the hook ladies.

Maribel: (laughs) Of course. Every woman should have their ‘shoe-game’ on point. You always need a few pairs of heels. Stilettos. Shoes complete the outfit. One of our current favorites designers is Devina Moda; those are some of the hottest shoes out.

Q: No doubt. So what CAN’T you guys live without?

A: Wow, what can’t we live without?  Shoes I guess. And definitely our cell phones (giggles).

Q: So the fellaz wanna know, what are the Mari Twins ‘Turn-On’s’ about the opposite sex?

A: Oh wow, how do we answer this (laughing). Well I guess it’s important that a guy knows how to dress, and he needs to be a gentleman. You gotta open doors when you take a lady out on a date. A guy has to be sexy and secure. When he walks into a room, he owns the room. But still a ‘nice-guy’ as well. Oh, and a guys ‘shoe-game’ is important as well (smiles).

Q: I hear that. What are some of your ‘Turn-off’s’?

A (Marisol): A guy who doesn’t take care of himself is such a Turn-Off (gags).

Q: You guys are always at a lot of events. Would you guys conside yourselves as ‘Party-heads’ or ‘Homebody’s’?

A: (Maribel): A little of both I guess (smiles). I do like to dance, but I also don’t mind chilling at the house. It depends on my mood.

Q: Speaking of partying, do you guys drink? What’s the liquor of choice?

A: A little bit (laughs). Our drink of choice would probably be Henny!

Tommy Gunz: Henny? No way! Let me find out you guys got a lil’ gangsta in you (laughs)

Maribel: Yup, Henny (laughing).

Q: So what projects do you guys have coming up in the future?

A: Well we want to continue to be a part of all the wonderful things we’ve been able to be involved in. We want to keep doing the Radio Show. We’re also involved with “Remington’s World”. We also want to hold more charity events, and to just continue what we’re doing now. I don’t see us stopping anytime soon. And we have a lot more fun things planned in the future, watch out (winks).

Q: I already know. Any shout-outs before we go?

A: Yes, we would like to shout you guys out for interviewing us of course. We also have to shout-out iVive H20 Tu Obsesion Hispana, Clubzone.FM Radio, Jojo Remington and Remington’s World, Lava Lounge, 46 lounge, Vanessa Ramirez, LatinoVybe, Anna Segura, LMP, Showbiz, and all of our friends and family who have supported us since day one.

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