WATCH: New “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” Movie Trailer On GoodFellaz TV

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The ‘Dawn of Justice’ is getting closer.

Check out the latest trailer for the highly anticipated film featuring 3 of pop-cultures most iconic superheroes: BatmanSuperman, and Wonder Woman. The new trailer went ‘0-to-100’ real quick in terms of spoilers, revealing major plot points including how Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne & Lex Luthor first meet, the moment when Wonder Woman makes her first appearance, and even the introduction of the film’s major bad guy (Doomsday).

The latest sneak-peek was debuted on “The Jimmy Kimmel Show” just a few days after another previous “Batman v. Superman” trailer, featuring a captured Batman and an angry Superman apparently unmasking the caped-crusader, was released during an episode of the “Gotham” television series

Check out both of the new movie trailers for “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” below. The film will hit theaters everywhere March 25th 2016. Stay tuned to GoodFellaz TV for all the latest news and spoilers.

Also check out exclusive pics of the Batman, Superman & Wonder Woman’s costumes from ComicCon New York 2015, courtesy of the good folks at GoodFellaz TV. Enjoy!






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