Bombs Over Syria?! Why Attacking Syria Is The Wrong Move For America: #GFTV #Opinions

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Bombs Over Syria?! Why Attacking Syria Is The Wrong Move For America: #GFTV #Opinions

– Written by Shah (Instagram: @Gothyq)

Bombs Over Syria??

The civil war in Syria has been drawing international headlines recently. Although Syria’s power is extremely limited on it’s own, there are many factors to consider that can impact global affairs. There is the involvement of other countries, along with the very morality of U.S. involvement in the whole issue. It’s not a simple matter of bombing a weaker country as we are led to believe.

agz3The Syrian government has been accused of utilizing chemical weapons against rebels in it’s own country. This violates global policy, which therefore calls for disarmament of the Syrian government. If they can use these highly destructive weapons against their own people, they can also use them elsewhere, creating a larger scale threat. However, they did nothing outside of it’s own borders, which also calls into question any other country’s involvement. The U.S.A. has also used questionable judgement in the past for often acting as a global police force. Do we really need to get involved in yet another questionable war after the debacles of Iraq & Afghanistan?

Civil war is an internal struggle. Although the use of chemical weapons violates human rights, it’s not harming anyone outside Syria. The U.S.A. is contemplating military action against a country for killing it’s own. Although Syria’s actions are not morally correct, they are none of our business. We have local problems to deal with, such as entire cities going bankrupt, crime, drugs, etc. Why should the U.S. deal with internal problems abroad, when they need to clean up their own house?

Another major factor to consider is the implications of a military strike against Syria. Syria, although a minor force in terms of military power, they have the unconditional support of Iran, and Russia is also in their corner. If Russia stands behind Syria, that means likely North Korea, Cuba, and North Vietnam, most of whom have highly destructive capabilities, may get involved. To make matters worse, the U.S. doesn’t have as much international support to exercise military action against Syria. Therefore, they might attack alone, and wind up getting destroyed by all of Syria’s powerful allies.

Ultimately, this conflict has far greater potential for destruction that it seems, and the U.S. has proven it’s uncompromising attitude in Afghanistan and Iraq. This is an issue that boils down to which is more favorable; allow Syria to break rules, or risk obliteration? We will see how GOD influences this issue.


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