DOWNLOAD: Drake Responds With ‘Warning Shot’ At Critics On New Track “Charged Up”

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DOWNLOAD: Drake Responds With ‘Warning Shot’ At Critics On New Track “Charged Up”

– Written by Shah

Have warning shots just been fired?

Ever since Meek Mill’s now infamous Twitter-rant from earlier in the week, the world has been waiting to see if Drake would have a response for the Philly emcee.

Well a few days later Drizzy has dropped this new joint entitled “Charged Up” on his OVO Sound show on Beats 1 Radio, and it does indeed sound like he has sent a ‘warning shot’ back at his critics. Listen to the new track below, and DOWNLOAD here courtesy of the good folks at GoodFellaz TV.


Not an actual ‘diss-track’, the new joint has a dark, laid-back vibe and sounds more like a ‘warning-shot’ to his critics, including Meek Mill, who have questioned the authenticity of Drake’s lyrics. Several lines stand out in particular including:

All you stare at my face, and hope you can be the replacement,
Niggaz snitching on us without no interegation….”


No woman ever had me star-struck, or was able to tell me get my bars up….”

Listen to the new track. What do you guys think?

The new track apparently is in response to Meek Mill, who went on a public rant via Twitter assaulting the OVO boss, alleging the latter doesn’t write his own raps.  How this issue got started is unclear.  Some say it’s Drake’s long-time flirtationship with Meek’s girlfriend (and Drake’s label-mate), Nicki Minaj.  Meek apparently took issue with the fact that Drake didn’t tweet about his latest LP, “Dreams Worth More Than Money”, similar to his ‘beef’ with MMG label-mate Wale, whom he also previously ‘dissed’ on Twitter for not promoting his project on Twitter.

Whatever the cause was, Meek was in rare form on Twitter.  Among his various tweets aimed at several people including Nicki Minaj’s ex Safari, ‘Twitter shots’ were also sent by the philly emcee towards Drizzy Drake, claiming that he didn’t even write his verse on their song from the new album, “R.I.C.O.”

According to Meek, via Twitter


Meek-Mill-Disses-Drake-2 meek-mill-twitter-rant-141

Drake, as usual, stayed true to his modus operandi and did not approach the assault head on.  However, anyone who has followed Meek Mill’s career knows he’s very sensitive about fellow artists that do not openly support him, as he took to Twitter earlier in the year to attack his MMG label-mate Wale.

What is next in this ‘war of words’?  Will Meek Mill respond to this track, or has the situation already been ‘squashed’. Will this beef cause Meek and Nicki Minaj to break up?  Is there even a real ‘beef’? Stay tuned to GoodFellaz TV for all the latest behind-the-scenes info on this story.




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