DOWNLOAD: Jeezy “Church In These Streets” (CLEAN/DIRTY) Single On GoodFellaz TV

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DOWNLOAD: Jeezy “Church In These Streets” (CLEAN/DIRTY) Single On GoodFellaz TV



The Snowman is back!

Check out the GoodFellaz TV ‘New Heat of the Week’ from Jeezy entitled “Church In These Streets” below. The new single, produced by Zaytoven, is the title track for Jeezy’s upcoming new album droppin’ November 13th on CTE/Def Jam Records.

Jeezy Artwork-


This new single also begins the Snowman’s new weekly social-media campaign entitled “#Sunday Service”, where he will be debuting new music, videos, and social commentary from every Sunday.

Still want more Jeezy? Now you can even shoot him a quick text “JEEZY” to 404-800-9983. Try it and see what happens….

DJ’s Download  the new Jeezy “Church In These Streets” single above (Dirty/Edited), courtesy of the good folks at GoodFellaz TV. And stay tuned to #GFTV for all the latest on his new project. Enjoy!


Recently Jeezy shared his thoughts via a letter to the public touching upon subjects including crime, race, and police brutality. In the letter he had this to say:

“With the poverty level at an all time high, it’s damn near impossible for one to take care of him or herself without the possibility of prison or death. You have law enforcement officials gunning down unarmed black men. You have misinformed young men gunning down unarmed women, children and men in churches, movie theaters and public events. There’s a war going on, but you have to ask yourself, who is the enemy?

I recently revealed a short visual on Instagram, which showed a black cat walking past a door with a cross painted on it. Let me take the time to explain the meaning of this. You see the black cat is something we’ve always associated with bad luck and evil. My grandmother used to tell me don’t cross a black cats path because it was bad luck. However, she also told me that there was a tooth fairy who left me a dollar every time I lost a tooth. You know where I’m going with this…

The truth is if you see a cat walking as if it has a destination, it more than likely is following its own path.

The question is are you following yours?”

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