EVENT REVIEW: “Blood Manor” Haunted House NYC 2013

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EVENT REVIEW: “Blood Manor” Haunted House NYC 2013

– Reviewed by DJ Dynasty

Reviewing a place like Blood Manor isn’t easy. How can I assure you that your money will be well spent when the subject is fear? Everyone’s level of fear is very different. However, Blood Manor didn’t make it too difficult. The beauty of a place like this is that its cliché when it has to be, psychological when it wants to be, and other times captivates on using misdirection to fool you.

Blood-Manor-2Blood Manor held its opening press launch party on September 25th. We all gathered from areas such as Newsweek, NY Post, Daily News, Blog Sites, Websites, and, of course, Jersey Media Network. A place like this is GREAT after a few drinks, and I’m not simply saying that because they fed us with an open bar before we went inside. Just PLEASE be careful, drinking alcohol tends to make you jump more, and you are NOT allowed to put your hands on the actors regardless of how scared you get. You WILL get kicked out and won’t get your money back. Plus, this place gathers HUGE lines during its tenure every year, so those drinks will keep you warm while you are outside waiting. (Also, Greenhouse is across the street if you ever need to re-up on said drinks).

Now, once you go in, it’s important to hold your group together. They typically allow groups of 10-12, although I went in with only a group of 2. BUT, be forewarned, the bigger group the more likely you are to get scared, as these actors purposefully dive right in between groups to separate you (fear through misdirection really is a beautiful thing), and next thing you know, you moved into the next room or hallway….alone. For those that are tough and strong, or think you are, elect to lead your group through. It’s the same concept as being in the first car of a rollercoaster. You experience EVERYTHING first, and you look like the good guy trying to protect the women (or guys if that’s your thing). On the other side of that, being last is a BIG downfall to this experience. You won’t freak out because you know where the traps lie. If you initially begin the trip last, and want to move out, again the actors will find a way to separate you anyways, and you can move up then.

IMG_8404The biggest downfall to a place like this is that it’s short. The entire “manor” is created from scratch within the confines of a second floor suite. If you spook too easy, it may not be worth your money, because you’ll end up running through the whole thing screaming in 3 minutes flat. TAKE YOUR TIME. If you do, it still clocks in at about 15-20 minutes, BUT its plenty of time to jump, get spooked, or even scream once or twice (that goes for the men also.) Taking your time also allows you to see the work they put into this, and it is VERY elaborate. A maze of sorts, Blood Manor wows with designs and set pieces that make it difficult (sometimes) to tell what (or who) is fake, and what is not. (While I mentioned before that you cannot put hands on the actors, I DO dare you, using one finger, examine what you THINK is fake…) Everything from 3D glasses to Strobe lights become a factor at some point, and its all used to give you a sense of confusion that parallels fear, one that won’t hint you’re getting close to the end.

Some items are, as I stated before, a little TOO cliché and a bit cheesy, such as the “doctor” when you first walk in. To see that initially made me incredibly skeptical, but I PROMISE you, it gets better, and becomes a lot of fun just a few steps later.

I can truly promise you, that no matter whom you are, you WILL jump at LEAST once. Just make sure to follow my points: Drink up, go with a group of fun people, stay together, try to be first, and do NOT run or touch the actors. Walking calmly adds to the height of fear and the feeling that its much longer than it really is.

So, the big reveal: is it worth your money or not? JMN’s track record is impeccable when it comes to recommendations, and we don’t want to ruin it here. Thing is, we’re not too worried on this event.


The Real: Pricewise, it is a stretch, won’t lie to you there. $30 bucks, or more depending on the night, is a bit BEFORE drinks, and unless you spook easy, you won’t get 30 dollars’ worth of spine chilling fear. What you WILL get is 30 bucks spent on a great night in the city, and you will get PLENTY of chances to make fun of your “tough” friends that folded 5 minutes into the Manor.  It’s fun IF YOU DO IT RIGHT. (Refer to last paragraph). But you will jump, several more times than even you might expect, it really is worth the time, even if it may not be worth exactly all the money. But I doubt you’ll walk out feeling upset or disappointed with the trip.

The Fake: Again, Cliché kills. A LOT. And there’s a few of those moments in this place. And groups should be condensed into 6 or less rather than 12. But it’s a give or take, remember that. Would you be willing to wait that much longer on those cold October nights in order to have a condensed group? Exactly.




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