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– Written by: The Puerto Rican Barbie (@KEthePRBARBiE)

[[BE RESPECTFUL]] Fellaz, your lady might know the right buttons to push to  tick you off, but you have to learn to control your temper. It’s not okay to fly off the handle, speak some disrespectful mess, than apologize later, if you’re just going to do it again in a week.  Treat your lady with the utmost respect, like a queen, at all times and I promise she’ll treat you like her king.

[[BE AFFECTIONATE]] We don’t want you to smother us, but we do appreciate it when you take the initiative to let us know that you care, that you love us, and we’re just the sexiest woman you’ve ever laid your eyes on. Believe it or not, little things like placing your hand on the small of our back, sending us sweet text messages, or just giving us kisses for absolutely no reason go a long way.

[[BE CONSIDERATE]] When your girl tells you about all the things that are going wrong in her life no matter how big or small, dispute with a friend, or issues at work….listen to her. Understand that she’s not just complaining.  Her telling you these things means she confides in you.  So show some consideration and be empathetic to her situation. Let her know that you hear her and that she can cry on your shoulder if she needs to.

[[BE SUPPORTIVE]] I’m sure that girl on your arm is a go-getter and a certified boss lady.  Let’s face it fellaz, you wouldn’t be with a chick who’s bringing nothing to the table, so it’s only right you show her the support she deserves.  Be enthusiastic when she talks to you about new projects and ventures. Congratulate her on a job well done.  Let her know you’re proud of her accomplishments and that through good times and bad, you’ll always be her number one fan.

[[BE SPONTANEOUS]] We all know that relationships have the tendency to fall into a routine.  Dinner, movie, bed, or your already in the bed because you decided to stay in another weekend.  Change things up every once in awhile!  Surprise her with a short getaway somewhere. Do that thing you know that turns her on when she least expects it.  Try a completely new cuisine for the first time together. The possibilities are endless. What matters here is that even though she might already be yours, you realize you must keep the romance alive.  Every girl needs that element to stay in love.



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