Hip-Hop Industry 101: What’s Up With These Hip-Hop Bloggers?? Written By Dave House

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– Editorial written by Dave House

On twitter today, I suggested that a Rap artist should create a GZA-like “Labels” record dissin’ Hip Hop Blogs & Bloggers. It’s time to challenge the integrity of those who report Hip Hop News, or what they define as Hip Hop News, and call them out and disrupt their market share. The blind leading the blind is another reason why Hip Hop is all over the place.

Who are these bloggers? Where do they come from? How did they get to me?

More than half of these Blogs & Hip Hop Websites are run by former industry employees who didn’t have what it takes to remain in the business, weren’t able to build a respectable catalog while in the business, or couldn’t build a brand establishing themselves as a business.  This is the reason why “breaking” Hip Hop News is now all about reporting the human side of our Rap Artists. Lil’ Bow Wow having an arrest warrant was blasted out as Hip Hop News? What’s going to happen when there is no rapper breaking a law? When all male rap artists have paid they’re child support, alimony, or taxes, and are in real good marriages with their spouses?  Is the Hip Hop blogger then going to sensationalize a rapper who was pulled over and arrested for having a suspended license?  What if a rapper parked too close to a fire hydrant, is that considered News too?  Since when has Hip Hop News been on the same side as the meter-maid writing tickets?

Where do they come from?

Most of the bloggers are former employee that may still hold animosity towards the business, so they take it out on today’s recording artist. Some of these bloggers may have been introduced to Hip Hop when they saw “Nuthin’ But a G-Thing” or “Hi! My Name is” presented by Carson DalyNOT Ralph MacDaniels, Vid Kid, The Mayor of “Rap City” Big Tigger, Tuffy, Joe Clair, Fab Five Freddy, or Ed Lover & Doctor Dre. Hip Hop was something that was forbidden in their household growing up and was subscribed to after the first semester in college to rebel against their parents. They were introduced to an atmosphere where their suite-mates smoked blunts instead of bongs. If the blogger is a female, she could be a former publicity chick who sees the bright lights as a aspect of Hip Hop and limits her Hip Hop to “what is relevant” which is equivalent to a un-loyal crackhead who will go to a different dealer the minute his dealer gets knocked.

How did they get to me?

Your email was sold in a list for 1K or more. The sad part is that people won’t post on their ‘Blog Comments’ questioning the credibility of the Article or the integrity of the Blogger. For example: if you were at a red light in a Maybach & a guy in a “Cheech & Chong/Partridge family”-mobile pulled up to the side of you to tell you your muffler was dragging, you would brush him off and keep it moving. If you were at the same red light and someone else with a equal or more value of a vehicle pulled up to the side of you on Crenshaw & El Segundo & told you the same thing, You would listen. That’s how you have to treat these Bloggers & Hip Hop Sites. Who are you and where did you come from and why are you blasting me what YOU call “News”, and this was a trending topic on Twitter 48 hours ago.

I just come from an era where I can appreciate KRS One throwing PM Dawn off the stage and knowing why he did it and what KRS stood for while doing it. Time to chin-check some of these Hip Hop Bloggers who blog their opinion with their lips curled-up like Snooki, making a People Magazine out of Hip Hop Culture.

The TMZ’ing Of Hip-Hop Culture

With all this being said, look at the staff at TMZ and how have they become so “credible”. We let TMZ break the news of the great Michael Jackson’s death. Perez Hilton, who apparently was not familiar with just how much African, Caribbean & Latino people loved and attached to Michael’s music, tried to sensationalize the breaking of Michael’s death story and crack jokes; acting like it can’t happen to him.  Well it did happen and the power of the people’s disapproval of his comments toward Michael shut him down. He been on “church mouse status” since.  Now we turn around and let TMZ break the story on the great Whitney Houston.

Who is TMZ? and why is Hip Hop following their format to broadcast news to me?

TMZ in my opinion is a secret government-funded program, aimed to make entertainment out of the mistakes and falacies of Artist behind the scenes, similar to COINTELPRO. TMZ came out of nowhere and all of a sudden they can tell me Michael Jackson passed before Jermaine Jackson confirms. TMZ confirmed Whitney Houston’s death, before her own mother, the legendary Cissy Houston, or her cousin the legendary Dionne Warwick? We allowed TMZ to break these stories. Not meaning literally that “we allowed” TMZ to report to us, but growing up I knew to pick up the Source before I pick up a tabloid to get an update on Hip Hop News.

If you see a Hip Hop Blog that has NOTHING to do with the uplifting of hip hop culture, then it’s a tabloid and should be treated as such; and those who write for them should NOT be taking seriously. Tabloid Hip Hop websites who just ‘copy & paste’ should be treated like that Bootleg-tape you used to buy on 125th that was guaranteed to pop, not have all the songs, or not have any production credits on the inside. And if YOU are a Real Hip Hop fan, you know exactly what I’m talking about. 


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