I Didn’t Go To College To Move Boxes?! ‘Building Brand YOU’ By Wenylla Reid

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I Didn’t Go To College To Move Boxes?! ‘Building Brand YOU’ By Wenylla Reid

– Written by Wenylla Reid

Once, I ordered handbook for my students and they were delivered to our shipping and receiving warehouse. The warehouse manager indicated that their truck broke down and it would not be repaired in time so that my students would have their handbooks by the first day of class. The next day I reported to work in khakis and sneakers, pulled up to the loading dock and the shipping and receiving staff loaded up the trunk of my car. I transported the boxes of planners to my office and contacted a few of my co-workers to give me a hand in bringing the boxes inside and they obliged. As a result we met our deadline and were able to deliver the handbooks to our students during orientation.

If it isn’t illegal, immoral or unethical, are YOU willing to do what is required to get the job done? When you genuinely care about your work there will be moments where you will have to perform tasks that are not in the job description. Depending on where you work you may have to make photo copies, deliver packages, moves boxes or perform a variety of tasks you or your manager did not anticipate would be required. Yet in order to meet a deadline, or cover for a co-worker who may be on leave, you may have to go ABOVE and BEYOND!!

Avoid allowing your ego or your level of education interfere with seeing the long term benefits of you doing something that isn’t quite within your role. I am not suggesting that this should be done on a regular basis, but I do believe you should consider using these moments to demonstrate that you are willing to do what is necessary (if it isn’t illegal, immoral or unethical) to get the job done.

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About The Author

Wenylla Reid currently serves as the founding Director for the Office of Career Management for undergraduates at a major business school in the Tri-state area. In additition she manages the Women’s Business Leadership Initiative, a program which targets and prepares high performing women business students to succeed in leadership roles within business.

A graduate of Rutgers University, she authors the blog “Build Brand You”, which emphasizes strategic brand development for college students, plus great tips for everyone else. When Ms. Reid is not working she’s a ‘Diva-Mommy’ to two sons, the chronicles of which she recounts in her other blog “Adventures of a DivaMom”.

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