Introducing: Lil Gunz #GFTV Staff

admin September 29, 2012 Comments Off on Introducing: Lil Gunz #GFTV Staff

I’m a billionaire, playboy, genius, philanthropist pimp who loves hot chicks. I actually created Facebook myself back in the day, but I ended up selling it to Mark Zuckerberg for a bottle of Henny, a box of condoms, and a happy meal. It’s ok though, I’m still Lil Gunz. After that I was a famous porn-star in a third-world Central American country until they had another one of those friggin’ revolutions again. Sheeesh, poor third-world countries just can’t seem to keep a dictator. Then I lost a card game to my homie Tommy Gunz, and as a result was forced into Mascot-slavery for the next 97 years. Oh well, at least they supply me with liquor and women. Check me out on GoodFellaz TV for all my crazy adventure w/ my homies the GoodFellaz !!

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