Khalid R. Wright: #GFTV “Community Leader of the Month”

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Showcasing positive and influential people making a difference in our communities, each month GoodFellaz TV salutes these individuals by selecting a “Community Leader of the Month”. Featuring Politicians, Community Activists, local Business Leaders and more, the “Community Leader of the Month” is a positive role model making a difference.

This months “Community Leader of the Month” is Klalid Wright of East Orange, NJ. Recently Khalid Wright, the current Vice President for the Water Commission of the City of East Orange, visited GoodFellaz Radio Mix 1620 AM for an exclusive interview. A very positive and active member of the community, Khalid Wright recently turned his sights towards politics, running for Councilman of East Orange. Despite being a newcomer to the political field and running against a long-time incumbent, Khalid Wright put up impressive numbers vote-wise, generating a lot of excitement and buzz throught the community. Indeed, Khalid’s family has been involved in the affairs of the City of East Orange for generations; and now Mr. Wright is continuing to carry the torch.  

During the course of the interview with NJ’s # 1 Radio Show, the GoodFellaz found out that he is for real. When asked why he wanted to become involved with politics, Mr. Wright had this to say,

 “A politician is not a position that one should be comfortable in, but quite the contrary.  A politician has responsibilities to the people that elected them into office, and should be held accountable for their actions with regard to their positions.  They are supposed to serve the people, not enjoy the perks of leadership.”

Wright responded to each of the GoodFellaz questions with remarkable poise and ease.  He gave us a different view of politics that many people usually don’t get to see.  He informed the GoodFellaz about the difficult decisions and situations that a politician has to overcome in order to be successful in bettering the lives of the people, and the impact that these decisions can have.  Even something as seemingly simple as water can be extremely complicated.  The listeners learned that every thing we may take for granted requires a lot of work to maintain, and that their are often many struggles that take place behind the scenes that the community often doesn’t get to see.

Khalid R. Wright’s interview on GoodFellaz Radio Mix 1620 AM  taught us a great deal about the inner workings of the world of politics, from a real politicians’ point-of-view.  As the ‘blind masses’, we tend to have distrust when it comes to many politicians; often overlooking those political leaders who are actively  making a positive difference.  Despite this obstacle however, Mr. Wright seems like he is more than capable of handling his office, and even perhaps an office overseeing more of the affairs of the City of East Orange in the near-future.  Khalid Wright’s calm and pensive demeanor hinted to us that he is extremely knowledgeable about the needs of the people, and more importantly, how to address them. Other jewels Mr. Wright dropped during the course of the interview included,

“Campaigns are run locally. You have to be in-tune with the citizens.”


“It’s about planning a financial future. Because in most cases this is what we do not do. And this is why we’re having deficits, and taxes are being raised, and services are being cut. Because no one is planning a financial future.”

So on behalf of the entire GoodFellaz TV staff, we congratulate Mr. Khalid Wright for being our “Community Leader of the Month”. We are quite sure that, in a time when the people are open to new ideas and approaches, we will be hearing a lot more from Khalid R. Wright in the near future. Check out footage from his interview on GoodFellaz Radio Mix 1620 AM below.

Khalid Wright GoodFellaz Radio Interview


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