No Runways For Tiki Barber

admin September 11, 2011 Comments Off on No Runways For Tiki Barber

– Written by Big A  

It looks like no matter what Tiki Barber does to prove that he can still play football, it seems like no NFL team is willing to give him a shot. The retired running back, who left his former team the New York Giants at the height of his career, is currently in better shape than at any other point in his career. Sadly it seems as if his off-the-field actions have spoken louder to the NFL teams than his many years of production on the football field.

From the controversy surrounding his cheating on his wife, to the remarks made by his old teammates labeling Tiki as a quitter, it seems to be too much for most NFL teams to want to deal with. Indeed, the fact that most teams would be less interested in him than unproven  rookies speaks volumes. Many football fans would think that having Tiki Barber’s experience would be a no brainer, but apparently that’s not the case. Maybe later on in the season when a desperate team is down on their luck he might get a chance, but for now it looks like  Tiki will be in the position most of the NFL players were in during the lockout; he will be out of work.


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