SoundScan Breakdown W/ Dave House: Week Of 1/1/13 #StreetRulesInTheOffice Analysis

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Overall: With consumers in the stores last week, music sales did better than normal this week. Hope you had a great holiday & you are prepared for a successful 2013.

-Dave House, WHW Music Group


1. Taylor Swift “RED”

Total: 2.8 MIL
Increase: +32%
This Week: 276K

While Hip Hop continues to celebrate Taylor Swift “RED” record sales as if Virgin Mega Store is still located across the street from the live taping of TRL w/ Carson Daly, we overlook the fact that Taylor Swift had an EXCLUSIVE deal with retail outlets selling her title and how “RED” doesn’t have a Parental Advisory sticker on it’s cover. Sales is more than just releasing a CD and saying its in stores.


2. TI “Trouble Man”

Total: 178K

As ruthless as TI’s rap sheet is, his television show is most entertaining to watch.


3. Bruno Mars “Unorthodox JukeBox”

Total: 370K
Decrease: -8%
This Week: 178

Should be selling more at this rate but again its not about how you start on Soundscan its how you finish before leaving the Top 200.


12. Alicia Keys “Girl On Fire”

Total: 374K
Increase: 22%
This Week: 76K

Outside of the actual title track where Nicki Minaj starts the song in her most annoying Archie & Edith “Borough of Queens” accent, every record on this album inspires.


13. Justin Beiber “Believe”

Total: 1.2mil
Increase: 55%
This Week: 76K

This project was nervous because Justin had an extremely slow start getting this project up and running. Luckily, the success of this project came from strategic cross promotion with retail outlets that share the same audience.


19. Rihanna “Unapologetic”

Total: 485K
Increase: 30%
This Week: 66K

Rihanna has good music on this project and she covers all grounds with her features on the project, but like Kanye West, the key selling point of this album is the ‘rock-star’ lifestyle she portrays that is backed up by publicity she receives.


23. Blink 182 “Dog Eat Dog”

Total: 57K

Indy album from a house hold name. 50K sold keeping 100% of the profit is better than earning less than 10 points & being charged 3.99 for the very plastic and sticker that covers the cd. (HAHA you indy artist didn’t know labels charge you for “Thank You Credits”)


29. Chief Keef “Finally Rich”

Total: 50K

Don’t know if retail felt it was necessary to store this project in their department stores. The album probably could have faired better if it was released during Halloween. Can’t drop a “dark” Chief Keef album while saying Happy Holidays.


37. Game “Jesus Piece”

Total: 122K
Decrease: -59%
This Week: 35K

This is not one of Game’s best efforts. Game is a true student of Hip Hop culture & this album was a lackluster attempt to be like everyone else who is current in the rap game today as opposed to Game’s original formula of making his albums a combination of classic rap soundtracks before him.


41. Kendrick Lamar “Good Kid M.A.A.D City”

Total: 540K
Increase: 41%
This Week: 34K

This album (and the artist) is a walking fact that it doesn’t pay to be popular for now when you can have timeless music that will last a lifetime.


49. Ke$ha “Warrior”

Total: 143K
Decrease: -2%
This Week: 28K

Kind of hard to sell an album when your promoting how to “die young” after senseless tragedies in middle America.


61. Pitbull “Global Warming”

Total: 137K
Increase: 24%
This Week: 21K

ESPN placements and Pitbull’s songs like “Don’t Stop the Party” were played in the most coked out clubs across Vegas, Miami, & California & the sales don’t reflect (well not in the United States) When your target market is of a certain type, everyone expects their free copy of the cd instead of actually purchasing.


72. The Weeknd “Trilogy”

Total: 177K
Increase: +33%
This Week: 18K

Most of the songs on this album were on a previously released mixtape before The Weeknd got the deal. With an extensive tour schedule in 2013, The Weeknd should do fine while gaining a new fan base.


70. 2 Chainz “Based on a T.R.U Story”

Total: 456K
Increase: 52%
Total: 18K

The GOLD plaques went out BUT its not official just yet.


100. Miguel “Kaleidescope Dream”

Total: 244K
Increase: 44%
This Week: 14K

A good album that isn’t Gold yet.


101. Nicki Minaj “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded”

Total: 772K
Increase: 40%
This Week: 14K

American Idol should hopefully help increase her awareness and boost sales. The blueprint didn’t work for the truly struggling Christina Aguilera album.


112. Ne Yo “RED”

Total: 167K
Decrease: -18%
This Week: 12K

Another good album.


113. Big Boi “Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumor”

Total: 43K
Decrease: -59%
This Week: 12K

Big Boi is still a Legend regardless.


150. Meek Mill “Dreams & Nightmares”

Total: 283K
Increase: 19%
This Week: 9K

Meek Mill is at a pace of selling 9K per week & has a mixtape to feed those who simply refuse to purchase the album yet  monitor his record sales.


178. Lecrae “Gravity”

Total: 170K
Decrease: 50%
This Week: 8K

No terrestrial radio play, no TMZ or Hip Hop “National Enquirer like Publicity”, no twitter beef. And people are still looking to sign a major record deal????? Lecrae sold more than Chris Brown this week.


181. Chris Brown “Fortune”

Total: 399K
Increase: 47%
This Week: 8K

Not quite gold yet.


197. Various (GOOD MUSIC) “Cruel Summer”

Total: 397K
Increase: 46%
This Week: 8K

The album still hasn’t gone gold officially, hopefully the recent publicity with Kanye & Kim can help “boost” sales.




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