SoundScan Breakdown W/ Dave House: Week Of 1/8/13 #StreetRulesInTheOffice Analysis

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– Chart Analysis by DaveHouse

Overall: Holidays are now over, gift cards have been redeemed & more nostalgic titles are dominate the top top 200 over current releases. Will 2013 be the year that Nostalgic titles surpass any “new release”?


1. Soundtrack “Les Miserables”

Total: 270K
Increase: -32%
This Week: 92K

It’s the longest running show on Broadway next to CATS with a soundtrack.


3. Taylor Swift “RED”

Total: 3.1 Mill
Decrease: – 72%
Total: 69K

Anyone using Taylor Swift record sales as a comparison to declining Hip Hop sales are the reason why Hip Hop has been the reduced to reality shows & tax trouble. Kenny Rogers record sales was never compared to KRS One’s.


5. One Direction “Take Me Home”

Total: 1.4 Mil
Decrease: -49%
This Week: 61K

America’s favorite boy band for today that won’t last past 2014 are serving its purpose and dominating the charts, for now.


9. Alicia Keys “Girl On Fire”

Total: 460K
Incease: 6%
This Week: 44K

Beautiful album for the grown, mature, and those who actually look for talent in their music selection free of propaganda & bad publicity.


14. Kendrick Lamar “GOOD Kid M.A.A.D City”

Total: 620K
Decrease: -52%
This Week: 36K

More Hip Hop albums should follow the blueprint of how this album was constructed, arranged, & orchestrated. Hip Hop would worry less about sales & more about the quality of the content.


18. Adele “21”

Total: 10 Mil
Decrease: -38%
This Week: 27K

Adele vs. Bob Marley vs. Pink Floyd vs. The Beatles! If you are having a SoundScan sales conversation & not mentioning these albums, then you are not having a conversation.


19. Rihanna “Unapologetic”

Total: 580K
Decrease: -60%
This Week: 27K

This album is not bad at all & I’m the first to tell you I’m annoyed when I’m at the stadium watching the game hearing Rihanna wail like a banshee when they play “Run This Town”. This album does not have any annoying moments in my opinion.


29. Ke$ha “Warrior”

Total: 185K
Decrease: -20%
This Week: 19K

Top 40 fans did not come out to support.


33. Wiz Khalifa “O.N.I.F.C”

Total: 268K
Decrease: -55%
This Week: 16K

Verdict is still out on the entire album.


34. Pitbull “Global Warming”

Total: 167K
Increase: 8%
This Week: 16K

Pitbull album sales represents the declining interest of North America’s purpose for the physical copy of the CD & the tolerance of full length albums.


38. (the legendary) Led Zepellin “Celebration Day”

Total: 327K
Decrease -50%
This Week: 15K

Legends still pushing music & have an appreciative buying public who actually supports.


39. 2 Chainz “Based on a T.R.U. Story”

 Total: 492K
Decrease: -32%
This Week: 14K

Officially GOLD after next week.


42. Keyshia Cole “Woman to Woman”

Total: 246K
Decrease: -43%
This Week: 14K

This album will go GOLD before exiting the Top 200. With such a mature sounding album, Keyshia Cole is officially an Urban AC artist.


48. Miguel “Kaleidescope Dream”

Total: 271K
Decrease: -18%
This Week: 12K

#1 record on the Urban AC panel that will hold for a long time. Hopefully Valentine’s Day week can see the much deserved increase in sales.


52. The Weeknd “Trilogy”

Total: 209K
Decrease: -45%
This Week: 11K 

Funny how either their publicist or label posted how this album is GOLD & the defense behind it is that the album is a “triple” album. LOL A triple album for 12.99? Could you imagine the actual deal this group signed. (Emis sips from his thermos smoking a newport in Puma sweats) After they signed hoped they bought new hats as suggested by the legendary Gilbert Gottfried.


56. G.O.O.D Music “Cruel Summer”

Total: 417K
Decrease: -13%
This Week: 9K

Kanye will drop another album around the time his baby is born to add to the publicity he relies on to push his projects.


62. Meek Mill “Dreams & Nightmares”

Total: 304K
Decrease: -30%
This Week: 9K

Will this album be GOLD before leaving the Top 200? Meek must drop another hit single to insure.


74. Nicki Minaj “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded”

Total: 792K
Decrease: -46%
This Week: 7K 

Still not Platinum but hopefully the television show can assist.


76. Linkin Park “Living Things”

Total: 570K
Decrease: -38%
This Week: 7K

Great album to take on the road.


88. Beatles “Beatles 1”

Total: 12.1 Mil
Decrease: -44%
This Week: 6K

Will Adele or Bob Marley “Legend” surpass the most selling album in the history of Soundscan Sales?


97. Future “Pluto”

Total: 250K
Decrease: -27%
This Week: 5K

A lot of top charted singles and notable features but the sales aren’t reflecting. Ca$h Out may not make it to summer 2013 as far as memories of who had hit singles last summer. Will Future see the same fate?


110. Rick Ross “God Forgives I Don’t”

Total: 498K
Decrease: -14%
This Week: 5K

Will just hit GOLD next week. Either their are not enough Urban fans that is willing to purchase albums or Rick Ross needs to feature music that can broaden his appeal for increased sales. It seems as if every album its a struggle to go GOLD despite his impact on radio and on the culture itself as one of the hardest working performers and entertainers.


123. MGK “Lace Up”

Total: 132K
Increase: 47%
This Week: 4K

This was a disappointment.


125. Brandy “Two Eleven”

Total: 159K
Even in sales from Last week
This Week: 4K

GO Urban AC follow Monica & Keyshia Cole, leave Urban alone.


139. Big Boi “Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors”

Total 53K
Decrease: -42%
This Week: 4K

Will review this album, word on the street is that it is a collection of some good music.


150. Lecrae “Gravity”

Total: 180K
Decrease: -39%
This Week: 4K 

This album should be a case study of how music is a niche based business and not a mass marketing free for all.


164. (the legendary) Bob Marley & Wailers “Legend”

Total: 11 Mil
Decrease: -90%
This Week: 4K

In order for Bob Marley to stay ahead of Adele & get closer to the Beatles, the album has to sell more than the consistent 4k copies a week that it has been scanning for the past two years.


183. Kid Cudi “Man On the Moon”

Total: 783K
Decrease: -43%
This Week: 3K

It will be a long time before the album goes platinum but it will eventually, just like Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday re-release.


192. Lil Wayne “The Carter IV”

Total: 2.2 Mil
Decrease: -53%
This Week: 3K

Makes its return back to the top 200 in sales.


199. (the legendary) Pink Floyd “Dark Side of the Moon”

Total: 9 Mil
Decrease: -39%
This Week: 3K

In last place for the running of highest in all time sales vs. Beatles, Adele, & Bob Marley. This project will have to be certified Diamond before actually competing with the above classic titles.



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