Spider-man Villain Venom Movie In The Works ?!

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– Written by Mike Dolo

Comic book fans rejoice. Sony Pictures is ready to start production on a Venom Movie. The LA Times has reported that Sony is in negotiations with Chronicle’s director, Josh Trank, in the hopes of having him bring the Marvel Comics favorite to life.

The movie will star Venom, a gooey alien symbiote that fashions itself into a suit with a love/hate relationship for Spider-Man. Movie goers will remember Topher Grace donning the suit as Eddie Brock in Spider-Man 3, while fanboys would like nothing more then to forget it. Spidey 3, for the most part, left web in our face and the reboot to the franchise is a breath of fresh air. Sony and Marvel have given movie buffs something “Amazing”  to look forward to, but are they jumping the gun with Venom, considering The Amazing Spider-Man hasn’t even been released yet?

The production has a few challenges to overcome to insure this isn’t the case. Priory should be being picking the right character to wear the suit. In the Marvel Universe, a few men (and one woman) have worn Venom and picking the right one is crucial to pleasing movie goers and fanboys alike.

The obvious choice would be to put Eddie Brock “Back In Black”, but even that leaves some options. The “Amazing” Universe’s Eddie Brock, is Peter Parker’s rival reporter at The Daily Bugle; The “Ultimate” Universe’s Eddie Brock is a friend of the Parker family. “Ultimate” Brock seems more likely considering Peter and Eddie’s parents discovered the symbiote together.

Another good choice could be Flash Thomson; star of the current Venom comic book series, for a year now, Flash has been given the symbiote by the U.S Government to carry out espionage missions. Choosing Flash would turn Venom’s potential villain storyline into that of a hero.

Picking the right man to suit up is important but when it comes to Venom, one must keep in-mind, unlike real life in this case, the cloths really does make the man. Venom needs to be powerful, he needs to be dark, gritty, and conflicted. He needs to be everything he wasn’t in Spider-Man 3. Venom was mishandled in SM3 and this is probably why this film idea to got scraped back in 07. Hopefully Sony has learned from their mistakes and possibly picked up a thing or two from other franchises. Wolverine has lengthened the X-Men series and Venom can do the same thing for the Spidey franchise if, and only if, he is allowed to grow on his own and not be overly constrained by the new Spider-man films.





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