Bobby V Debuts “Peach Moon” In NYC, DOWNLOAD The New EP On GoodFellaz TV

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– GoodFellaz TV Staff

Recently the GoodFellaz were in the studio with R&B super-star Bobby V as he debuted his latest project, the “Peach Moon” EP in NYC. In front of a select crowd of industry taste-makers, Bobby V played tracks off the new EP, and we gotta say, we were very impressed with what we heard. Ignoring the generic and cliched R&B sound that is currently flooding the airwaves, the sound of Bobby V’s new EP is very soulful, almost reminiscent of vintage D’Angelo. The lead single from the project “Never Give Up” is ‘radio-ready’ and guaranteed to leave the listener in a good mood with it’s smooth sound and catchy chorus. The former DTP singer even experiments with live-instrumentation, playing the piano for the majority of the tracks.

The GoodFellaz definitely recommend this project to any true fan of R&B. DOWNLOAD the New “Peach Moon” EP below, and check out exclusive footage of Bobby V as he speaks on the new project and discusses the music industry, plus check out exclusive photos of Bobby V as he hangs out with the GoodFellaz. Enjoy!




Bobby V “Peach Moon” Track-List

1. Peach Moon Intro (ft. Big Rube)

2. Back To Love

3. Koko Lovely

4. Who Am I To Change

5. Love Abuse

6. Never Give Up

Bobby V 2

Tommy Gunz n Booby V

Bobby V 1

Bobby V n Nini B

Sean Money n Bobby V

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