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Q: How long have you been DJ’ing?

A: I’ve been DJ’ing for 7 years. Do you remember ya first time spinning? Of course, it was interesting. I was only 2 months in on pursuing dj’ing; therefore, I had very little practice, and was invited, by the DJ that was mentoring me, to a house party gig he had in Brooklyn. It was a mansion, so the thought of the guests alone was exciting to me for networking purposes. It was kind of a set up by him I guess for me to arrive early, because as soon as I arrived he asked that I spin for about an hour to open for him (DJ’s may have an opener to allow time for them to mix and mingle or simply relax after setting up their equipment for the night).

Mind you, I was solely using vinyl at that time, so I had about 2 crates of old school records in my trunk that I was driving around with to go to my DJ mentor’s studios to practice on. Anyway, I grabbed those crates quickly for 2 reasons: 1) It was my first big moment, and 2) the guests didn’t arrive yet so I wanted to get my set over quickly before anyone got there, LOL. Remember, I was only 2 months in on any DJ experience! I did a satisfactory job for a beginner…the DJ kept me on for about 2 hours. My fingers were shaking like crazy, I was terribly nervous….but I made it through and never stopped.

Q: What made you wanna be a DJ?

A: Well, I was always into the party scene…a “party girl” I guess, and was always known for my A&R abilities. My parents were the type that hosted great networking parties at the house and took my sisters and I to music events growing up (Broadway shows, cruise balls, many family affairs, etc). After college I began my career in education, I was a high school English Teacher, Cheer Leading Coach, Debate Team Coach and Instructional Trainer for teachers across the United States, including Hawaii. At a young adult age I saw it all in education across the board and at most levels; and became a bit burned out.

I never stopped partying though, LOL. However, one night I was at a club and had a moment of reflection “…can’t be up in da clubs like this for the rest of my life, although I love it!!”, and focused on the reason I loved partying so much….the fabulous music and the DJ’s playing it! Since my parents handed down 25 or so crates of vinyl to me, which I would spin on a turntable I had set up in the house to entertain guests, I began to think about becoming a DJ. The only thing was I only had one turntable and needed another one and mixer to complete this idea. So I reached out, got a DJ mentor that already had two turntables already lol…just to make sure I wasn’t investing in the expensive equipment for my “all of a sudden interest”, and here I am.

Q: How is it being a female in the game?

A: Fun, challenging at times because the DJ industry is quite male oriented. I say oriented because it’s not just that majority DJ’s are male, but because most people are use to a male playing their music at a party lol. So I get the “Wow, you were the DJ tonight! You were dope!” and the “I hope she’s good and knows what the hell she’s doing!”. I think women are great professionals and the nurturing in us allows for great outcomes. As a female DJ, I definitely get tested by individual slimes, but I just consider that person to have issues period and I pray for them lol.

Best Part of your job? Best part of my job is that the DJ is like medicine. The DJ takes away partygoers worries and issues temporarily. People forget about their problems when they go out to a party, and the DJ has about 95% to do with that….music has incredible healing powers. Watching this outcome as the crowd puts their hands up as if they’re in church being saved is the best!!

Worst part of the job? The stress of “please let everything go well for the night”. Being a DJ is quite stressful and time consuming: the DJ works long hours, you must individually prepare for majority of your gigs (getting up to date music and catering to your client varies); you have to be at location before and after the party/event, which can conflict with your personal life; the thought of the music going off for any reason is in the back of your mind; and lugging around equipment is a little crazy. I do many private events where I have to bring my own equipment (speakers, turntables, etc.) and it ain’t light!!!

Q: Advice to people trying to get in the game?

A: Be consistent.

Q: Is it harder to be in a relationship being a DJ?

A: YUP!, lol. I can’t speak for a male DJ, but as a female DJ it can be hard at times. Most men don’t have a lady that’s partying at least 1 or 2 times per week….ALL NIGHT LONG….getting in at 7:00am. AND the DJ has just as much fun as everyone else for the night…for real. So it’s a balance a DJ has to master to make it all work out.

Q: What records are really working for you right now?

This is not in a particular order and some aren’t so new but still heavily liked/requested right now:

Chris Brown “No Bullsh*t” & “Look at Me Now”
Waka Flacka “No Hands”
Miguel “Sure Thing”
Ga Ga joints (a few people have remixes for this song: Maino, Dougie Fresh, Flawless, James Brown)
Rihanna “What’s My Name”
Camron & Vado “Hey Muma” & “Speaking in Tounges”
Nicki Minaj & Drake “Moment for Life”
Rick Ross “Aston Martin Music”
Dirty Money “Love Come Down”
Vybz Kartel (all songs), Beenie Man “Rum & Redbull”, Mavado, Buju Banton, Mr. Vegas, Serani, Elephant Man….ALWAYS!
Trey Songz, Usher, Jay Z, Biggie…..ALWAYS!

Current projects you are working?

  • Hosting some awesome mixtapes with many exclusive drops from Top 40 artists.
  • I am the DJ for Final Industry Artist Showcase every last Thursday of the month at Times Square Center where unsigned artist perform at a great event and judged by accredited industry representatives.
  • Every 1st Saturday @ Franks Lounge in Brooklyn.
  • I am a DJ on Music Choice RAP (Uncensored) channel
  • Continue to heavily support unsigned artists: P.E.M.G., Flawless darapchic, and City$licktalker


Facebook: flyygrlnyc
Twitter: djflyygrl
I’m under TIME2PLAY Entertainment and am a TEAM ACE DJ
Mp3s send to
For Bookings/cd’s contact (646)243-5550

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