Comedian Donnell Rawlings Brings Down The House In NJ

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Comedian Donnell Rawlings Brings Down The House In NJ
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– Written by DJ Dynasty

You might know him by his real name if the prime of your teenage years are summed up every Tuesday night at 11 pm during MTV2’s “Guy Code”. Or, if you were lucky enough to have watched it, you would probably know him from the infamous “Chappelle Show”. Either way, Donnell Rawlings is here to stay.

I can’t say he’s back, because some would argue since “Chappelle Show” he never truly left, having since had appearances on HBO’s “The Wire”, and “Spider Man 2:, plus a brief run on Ed Lover’s morning radio show. Of that same token, you can’t say his “Time is now”, because those 21 and up would have considered him famous from those “Chappelle Show” days.

However you may consider him, his appeal strikes all audiences, most evident by Saturday night’s Stand up from the Jersey Hangout spot Bananas Comedy Club. The audience was filled to the brim with white, black, Asian, and Hispanic attendees. Whether some of the older folks were dragged out by their younger counterparts, everyone left a fan.

Donnell let us all know QUICK that it was going to be a racy night. No topic was free from his fate, and even what some comics would never touch turned out to be a bulls eye for Donnell. Topics included the Bus Driver Uppercut….of which he was so “inspired” by that he actually sells t-shirts with a “logo” (No, seriously).

“…few days later, chick wound up on TV looking crazy from the incident. You know, when you little, you’re momma always threatens to “Knock some sense back into you”. I never knew what that meant until I seen her face afterwards…DAMN SON!!”

He also went OFF about Chad Ochocinco’s notorious head-butt, and while defending the fact that guys should NEVER hit women to begin with, he did state he had his limits, which rather than offensive were hilarious. He then went on to demonstrate the proper way to gear up for a head-butt (Think: Drunk Bobblehead). He also, of course, touched the topic of Racism, even having an “intimate” conversation with an Italian family down in front about “ways to tell if you’re gonna be whacked.”

Donnell is currently on tour, hitting venues across the country during the #DonnellUnchained tour, make sure to check out when he is next up in your city by going directly to

PLEASE NOTE: He returns to NYC May 2-5 at Caroline’s on Broadway!

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