Industry 101: Who’s Really “Winning” In Hip-Hop??

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– Written by Dave House

Aww man did you hear that Nas/Raekwon record “Rich & Black”. Thats the Hip Hop I grew up on. Thats the era I come from where music was made with passion, persona, aura, and nostalgia. Where the neighborhood has to co sign you, not the artist who just raped ‘ALBUM 2’ budget on the second single for ‘ALBUM 1’. Today’s music on radio does not pack that punch that make you want to subscribe to the magic of Hip Hop.

Don’t get me wrong there are some great records out there, “I’m On One” from DJ Khaled and dem is a good one. Rick Ross has a ear for beats so I’m always checking for his music due to his hypnotic style of production. In My opinion, Wiz Khalifa has the potential to be a household name like Snoop Dogg if he keeps it consistent and stop loving em so early in the game. He is making it seem like the corny cat in school living his dream when the chick that only dates star the All American athlete finally falls for the guy that sat in the back in 3rd period Geometry class. Word to Louis Skolnick & Lamar.  I also check for Young Mac Miller, who used that Al B. Sure bass line sample from Night & Day for one of his songs that I went crazy over when I saw him perform the song live at the Historical SOB’s one winter night in New York.

Today’s Artist should stop forcing music thats going to “catch” and start making music from the heart. Its getting to the point where its becoming obvious that the artist themselves don’t have confidence in their own ability to display their own talents so they buy success by paying for features. The same tired subject of how much bottles being popped in the club, how much a chick shakes their ass, how much your gonna win, and how many haters you have. Well I have an answer for the next time you see the rapper talking about clubs champagne and exotic liquor and how much your winning.


The club owner is the one who is winning at the end of the night, not the guy who goes home at night even if he leaves with the baddest chick in the club.  After a successful bottle popping celebration and you leave with the the hottest chick in heels the night is over. The experience is over. The only thing left is memories. The least you can do for yourself is take pictures so you can see what happened to with your time and money well spent.

The Chick Shaking Her Ass:

You just paid for her tuition, might as well save some of that for your children.

How Much Your Gonna Win:

If I get 100 Coins on Super Mario Brothers or if I keep jumping from side to side on Jungle Hunt I’ll earn a extra MAN that would increase my chance of winning too. Motivate the fans to a better person in other aspects besides deflecting haters. In addition, 48 Laws of Power says you have to have enemies in your quest for power and if you don;t have enemies, then you need to create some.

How Many Haters You Have:

Ok the subject is getting tired to the point that the word hate created JOBS. The only people I see “hating” on the daily are the bloggers who talk about the people that make things happen. A close friend of mine whose an executive in the business said that bloggers are people who couldn’t get jobs as executives so this is their way of lashing out. When did the law reverse from don’t talk about it, be about it to please be about it so we can talk about it? If you want a daily dose of hate, join a blog from someone who has yet to show proof why they are qualified to write in the first place.

Raekwon and Nas was in the club, popped champagne had girls in the video, and still kept it true to Hip Hop. Now why can’t you. Step your game up with the content young artist.  Challenge your own artistic integrity and stop guaranteeing your hit by grabbing useless features that don’t match. Challenge your own artistic integrity by dropping content that reflects you.  The “element of surprise” is lacking in music……. OUTLAW

My Book, Street Rules In the Office: The Beginners Guide to Focus in the Music Biz, is coming soon. The project is nearing completion and turning out to be a real epic piece. The website for the book,, is under construction and will be launching soon. Will keep my Industry elite thats on this email up to date with its progress.


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