Preserve Our History, OR ELSE: “Hip-Hop Industry 101” W/ Dave House

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– Editorial written by Dave House

I originally had another topic at hand to cover, but because of the untimely death of Don Cornelius this week, I had to dedicate this article to preserving our history.  I admit that I am an ‘assumption extremist’ when I am writing, but there is some sort of method to the madness in my rant. Hope you enjoy and please feel free to reply or comment.

Instead of pointing out the importance of Black History Month and select heroes who paved the way tremendously for YOU to even be able to read this post today, we should stress the importance of history PERIOD. I will confidently assume that anyone between the ages 18-25 don’t even care what Don Cornelius has done, and would consider him or his contributions as “old”.  They will express their disassociation with Don Cornelius while watching 106th and Park.  A kid wearing skinny jeans while handling his skateboard wearing Adidas will dis Rev. Run and the contributions of Run DMC.  We have gotten to the point where other regions will blatantly disrespect New York and the Bronx, where Hip Hop started; the same place that gave all of us an opportunity to do what we want to do for a living in the name of our Hip Hop culture.

As far as Hip Hop and Popular music, producers need to go back to sampling. Sampling is a part of what helped Hip Hop survive throughout the 90s in my opinion. What killed Sampling is the business- affairs and legal-departments of Record Labels that have to go through so much red-tape to get a sample cleared. Outside of clearing an Artist Feature, clearing a Sample is a major reason why albums get pushed back. (HERE’S A LESSON FOR ALL YOU UNINFORMED & INEXPERIENCED HIP-HOP JOURNALIST’S ON YOUR ‘ROMPER-ROOM’ WEBSITES WHO POST HOW A RAP ARTIST’S ALBUM GETS PUSHED BACK IN THE NAME OF ‘BREAKING A STORY’). Due to all the red-tape of getting samples cleared, producers are being sought out ala Swizz Beats “Ruff Ryders Anthem” to simply ‘push keys’; making a beat free of any and all red-tape.

Lets make sure we preserve our history. Two hundred years from now, we want Queen Latifah to be honored as a forefront for women in this culture instead of having Katy Perry & Snoop Dogg’s “California Girls” replacing “U.N.I.T.Y”. We are headed down that road of Katy Perry being more Hip Hop than Queen Latifah, because we are praising  how many #1 Records she has, and how “she’s getting money so we can’t hate”. Yet our history is being snatched from up under us while we are here and alive, while we stand-by and do nothing in the name of protecting our license (aka the next check) and not wanting to be labelled as “hater’s”.

Ryan Seacrest can become the new Don Cornelius; 200 years from now a lie can be orchestrated where history could have made Ryan the host of Soul Train, sweeping Don Cornelius under the rug similar to how a lot of Black History was swept under. But don’t “hate on Ryan Seacrest” he “getting money”.  I would not be surprised if the Soul Train catalog is eventually sold to him in an attempt to help wash away its history, like how other achievements in Black History were swept under a rug. But we can’t “hate, he getting money”.

Preserve your Hip Hop history or who knows,Ryan Seacrest might one day receive the praise that Don Cornelius is owed. Think about that next time you’re “getting money”.


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