Soundscan Charts Breakdown Report By DaveHouse For The Week Of 3/5/13

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Soundscan Charts Breakdown Report By DaveHouse For The Week Of 3/5/13

This weeks Soundscan, a lot of nostalgic titles have resurfaced to compete with today’s newest titles. CD’s are becoming a collectible item for music enthusiasts while today’s music consumer is purchasing through iTunes and creating their own playlist for purchase.



1. Bruno Mars “Unorthodox JukeBox”

Total: 960K
This Week: 94K


9. Rihanna “Unapologetic”

Total: 777K
This Week: 28K


10. Adele “21”

Total: 10.4Mil
This Week: 27K


14. Taylor Swift “RED”

Total: 3.4MIL
This Week: 24K


26. Led Zeppelin “Celebration Day”

Total: 387K
This Week: 16K


 28. Alicia Keys “Girl On Fire”

Total: 601K
This Week: 16K

30. Kendrick Lamar “GOOD Kid MAAD City”

Total: 761K
This Week: 15K


39. Earth, Wind, & Fire GREATEST HITS

Total: 1.5MIL
This Week: 13K


46. A$AP Rocky “Long. Live. A$AP”

Total: 272K
This Week: 12K


54. TI “Trouble Man”

Total: 411K
This Week: 10K


60. Charlie Wilson “Charlie Love”

Total: 100K
This Week: 9K


68. The Weeknd “Trilogy”

Total: 278K
This Week: 8K


70. Miguel “Kaleidescope Dream”

Total: 340K
This Week: 8K


71. Justin Beiber “Believe”

Total: 1.4 MIL
This Week: 7K


78. 2 Chainz “Based on a True Story”

Total: 557K
This Week: 7K


80. Notorious B.i.G GREATEST HITS

Total: 684K
This Week: 6K


81. Trey Songz “Chapter V”

Total: 349K
This Week: 6K


83. Wiz Khalifa “O.N.I.F.C”

Total: 336K
This Week: 6K


87. Keyshia Cole “Woman to Woman”

Total: 303K
This Week: 6K


92. Frank Ocean “Channel Orange”

Total: 520K
This Week: 5K


96. Joe Budden “No Love Lost”

Total: 52K
This Week: 5K


104. Michael Jackson “Thriller”

Total: 6.2 MIL
This Week: 5K


105. Future “Pluto”

Total: 286K
This Week: 5K


107. Chief Keef “Finally Rich”

Total: 139K
This Week: 5K


117. Drake “Take Care”

Total: 1.9 MIL
This Week: 4K


118. Beyonce “4”

Total: 1.3 MIL
This Week: 4K


119. Avant “Face the Music”

Total: 31K
This Week: 4K


121. Game “Jesus Piece”

Total : 205K
This Week 4K


125. Justin Timberlake “Future Sex/Love Sounds”

Total: 4.4 MIL
This Week: 4K


126. Bob Marley & The Wailers “Legend”

Total: 11.2 MIL
This Week: 4K


139. Lauryn Hill “MisEducation of Lauryn Hill”

Total: 7.1 MIL
This Week: 3K

140. TLC “Crazy Sexy Cool”

Total: 7.4 MIL
This Week: 3K


159. Meek Mill “Dreams & Nightmares”

Total: 331K
This Week: 3K


164. Usher “Confessions”

Total: 10 MIL
This Week: 4K


173. Nicki Minaj “Pink Friday Roman Reloaded”

Total: 822K
This Week: 3K


188. Trinidad James “Don’t Be S.A.F.E.”

Total: 14K
This Week: 3K


190. Eminem “Recovery”

Total; 4.4 MIL
This Week: 3K



Total: 8.1 MIL
This Week: 3K


197. Amy Winehouse “Back to Black”

Total: 2.6 MIL
This Week: 3K


198. Phil Collins “Hits”

Total: 3.4 MIL
This Week: 3K



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