Strippers, Step Your Game Up! #ThoughtsFromTheDJBooth By DJ Doughboy

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Strippers, Step Your Game Up! #ThoughtsFromTheDJBooth By DJ Doughboy

– Written by DJ Doughboy

Dancers: I hear a lot of you referring to this as a hustle. I hear you say you’re hustling. Or you’re grinding. Or you’re trapping. You’re right. This is a hustle. This is a grind. This is the trap. Figuratively and Literally. (That’s a subject for a whole other post.) But in your quest to hustle as hard as you can, you have lost sight of a couple of things. As much as this is a hustle this is still a craft. It takes a certain skill set to really excel in this field. You being attractive isn’t enough. There are countless women with pretty faces and nice shapes (And with the right amount of money, you can purchase whatever face and shape you want these days….lol). There are a bunch of office workers, waitresses, and cashiers that would look very nice in a two piece and heels. Truthfully, the reason so many ‘square chicks’ believe that they can do what you do is because they see you are not taking being a ‘dancer’ seriously. So now you have an influx of women believing they can dance because they think it doesn’t require any skill. The only ones that can change that is YOU. If you were as serious about your craft as you are about your hustle, things would be better for all of us!

These are just my “Thoughts from the DJ Booth”. Until next time…

DJ Doughboy

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