The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn

admin November 21, 2011 Comments Off on The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn

-By Big”A”

I recently saw the Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn movie; first of all this is a warning to all the fellas out there this movie is definitely what I would call a “Chick Flick” and If you’re looking for a Good date movie this is it. The Movie starts off very slow with a lot of dramatics and enough action to keep viewers attention and continues where the last movie left off carrying on the story very smoothly. All of the original main actors are all there with some appearance of new ones foreshadowing of things to come. After the first 25mins into the movie you can pretty much figure out the plot. I would say over all it was a decent movie and just as prior Twilight movies presenting complete story with a beginning, middle and an end I certainly wasn’t ready for. Be sure to sit through all the boring credits because the movie isn’t over yet, there’s a bit of extra footage leading to the next chapter in this story.


Here’s the Official Trailer For the Movie



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