Football Is Back. The NFL Lockout is Over.

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– Written by Big”A”

Football fans rejoice, the NFL Lockout is over. That’s right, after 132 days of non-football updates and boring “Top 100” Countdowns on the NFL network, “Football: America’s Game” is back in full swing. The biggest thing now in the NFL is the talk of Free Agencies, and who’s going where. July 26th marked the first day of the beginning of the season; now the pre-season shuffle begins amongst players and teams alike, over who will end up where.

Talk about drama. There’s the preseason game schedules, which unfortunately will be shortened due to the lock-out. Furthermore football fans have a season that should prove to be very interesting, due to all the hype surrounding this years Draft Picks and new talent that has entered into the NFL. It looks like the madness isn’t going to be over until the very first game of the season, when the rosters are finalized. So to all the Football fans out there across the world, get ready for a bumpy ride worthy a classic movie; with highs and lows destined make this one exciting season.

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