Bling Ring Movie Review

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Bling Ring Movie Review

-Written By Omaka Rocks

Have you ever looked at Rick Ross and felt like you could rob him he looks like he runs extra slow. Has 2Chainz recent chain jacking got you really considering a robbing a celebrity? Not only did this really happen, but there’s a movie about it. It’s called The Bling Ring, starring Emma Watson.  A group of fame-obsessed teenagers use the internet to find celebrities’ addresses and whereabouts to rob their homes.   This movie makes you really want to start robbing people. The “easy button” level of getting into these celebrities’ homes  is absolutely crazy. They leave the back doors open and keys under the front door matt. Any lover of fashion will be able to relate to this movie.  As with any true story, we know how this ends before stepping into the theatre, but it’s still a fun joyride.  When it comes to whether you should see it or screw it, see it. The movie is the effect of watching many years of MTV cribs.









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